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Hello readers,

When I first found out about the new newsletter platform that Medium created, I thought I would try to embrace the idea about it. I have put together a large volume of work in my library and portfolio throughout the past 2+ years. While I have just about reached 600 publications, I sometimes feel that there is still an IT factor that is sometimes missing.

When I learned of the new newsletter option, I realized that this could be a more personal and intimate way to reach the readers of Thoughts And Ideas. Sharing some words together in this style gives a more precise and direct way to send updates and ideas your way. Without having to sift through the millions of articles on Medium itself.

There are many of you whom I work closely with, yet we have never spoken or met in person. I am the Co-Editor here, however I am currently acting as the main Editor and Publisher right now here on Thoughts And Ideas, since the original Founder is busy working on other projects and commitments. Most of your work is wonderful and diverse, and I very rarely deny any submissions. I feel like any of our stories can be good stories, and we are all very fortunate to have huge diversity with both our readers and contributors.

Free-Photos; Pixabay

This publication began as a platform based in India, but that soon grew immensely as our love for the Indian culture grew. We have active writers based in countless countries covering Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, and of course I myself am based here in the United States in North America. Born and raised in New Jersey between the cities of New York City and Philadelphia, I have been exposed to all kinds of people and customs.

At the end of the day, customs never stop us from relating. I myself am a recovering addict, and when I started sharing my stories over 2 years ago, I quickly learned that addiction affected every race, custom, social status, financial class, color line, culture, sex, and sexual orientation. With that knowledge, I soon learned that sharing my own experience is important to continue doing. As it is the sharing of our struggles that actually save others.

So this is my official hello to all of you. We have already been together a long time now. And I will continue to share work as I always have through articles and stories. I will also remain active here with a regularly published newsletter as well. Please keep sharing your own stories with us. As we admire everyone’s journey and thoughts.

Michael Patanella




An attempt to bring heart-touching and thought-provoking writing under one roof to make an impact.

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Michael Patanella

Michael Patanella

Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.

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