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Puppy love

For the last several months, my wife’s Instagram feed has been inundated with puppies. She’s been toying with the idea of us getting a dog.

And so yes, we’re getting a dog.

She found a rescue puppy on one of those pages, who was neglected by his original family, and we’ve decided to adopt him. He’s the cutest little dog, and we’re so excited to get him, but there’s just one problem.

He’s currently in Iran.

Once we can get someone to bring him over from Iran, he’ll be all ours. According to the rescue people, this process could take 2 weeks to 2 months.

Anyway, I was thinking about dogs, and how I never really considered that dogs could have nationalities. This particular dog, for example, is Iranian and speaks Persian. I imagine him speaking broken English with a Persian accent. When he comes to us, he’ll be an immigrant.

We’ll have to teach him the language. He’ll have to get use to the cold Canadian winters. He’ll learn to play hockey, and to say “eh”, after every sentence. He’ll eat poutine and maple syrup (separately). He’ll denounce the illegal trucker convoy. He’ll complain about the high tax rate, but gloat about the free health care. He’ll summer in Florida or Peterborough, depending on the status of the Coronavirus. He’ll get vaccinated.

Last week’s top 2

Everyone else has naturally been thinking about Ukraine. On Medium, there is no shortage of opinion and discussion on the war.

Here on Thoughts and Ideas, Alexander Ziperovich, is one of our thought leaders on the subject. So this week’s top 2 featured stories are both from him. Give them both a read. I’m sure you will appreciate his perspective.

Have a great week!




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