Underground poems

7 train, Thursday

The subway is an elevator 
That moves sideways
Gets stuck a lot
And doesn’t play music.

7 train, Monday

I’m looking around the train for something to write about
But everyone’s looking at me for looking at them
I alternate looking at my phone and my feet
Just like everyone else.

N train, Sunday

The next train after the N 
Is another N
10 minutes away
Instead of an R
Hop on or off? 
Always on. 
There’s a head in front of the map.
Why is that map hung at head level? 
Getting off, taking an cab.

7 train, Wednesday

I wonder if the train knows it’s going to snow
Or cares? 
Are trains like stop lights, always running
Regardless of whether or not there are passengers? 
I like that unlike planes and cars and bicycles, trains are indifferent to snow and indifferent to passengers.

F train, Friday

I don’t have headphones today. 
You know when you see someone running,
And they don’t have headphones on, 
And they look like they just like running a little too much? 
I look like I like commuting a little too much.

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