Trusting Medium’s Curation

My stats need a bump, so I’ll write about Medium. Hah, YOU SUCKERS!

I recently culled the list of people I follow on Medium in a misguided effort to improve my “For You” feed. The feed still kind of sucks. I’m not sure why. I feel like it used to be better, but I’m not certain of that. I’ve been complaining about the “algorithm” for a long time now, even though I don’t really know what an algorithm is. Not knowing about something doesn’t stop me from complaining about it… I complain about Healthcare, don’t I?… but I am not going to complain about the algorithm today because I’m sick of complaining about the algorithm.

How I Am Finding Things to Read

Given that my “For You” list is often filled with things I don’t want to read, and the tags I like best, “humor” and “funny”, not only don’t default to “latest” but are also filled with quasi-spam, I have begun to increasingly rely on the curated collections on the top of the Medium page.

You know what? I have found a lot of great things to read up there. The “Editor’s Picks” are often eclectic and fun. They are not above selecting posts by lightly followed writers. Some of the items have very few recommends. The humans behind the Editor’s Picks must be reading widely on Medium. I like some of their choices. Reading Roulette is supposed to provide serendipidy. It often does.

The other collections are great if I am interested in the topic. Even when I don’t think I care, I try to browse through the collection and find things I enjoy reading. Take, for example, the “vegetarians” collection. I thought, “maybe there is something interesting about vegetarians.” It turns out that I was wrong, but not finding anything of worth in a collection is rare.

I Am Shilling for Medium but Not A Shill

I am kind of a Medium fan-boi, but rest assured I am a soul blogger, so don’t think that I am getting baksheesh to say these things.

Medium keeps changing. I don’t find the compelling content where I used to find it, but I believe there are still wonderful, full-blooded blog posts written by the creative underclass on this platform. It’s not in my nature to trust an “editor”, but they seem to be doing a good job.

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