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Want Joy? Do This!

Photo by luizclas from Pexels

Yes, twenty-five percent!

If you want that kind of joy, then start practicing gratitude.

You heard that right, one thousand.

You don’t have to write them all at once, but make a thousand thanks-givings your first goal toward becoming a more grateful person.

Gratitude helps you become present to the good things all around.

I began my list a few years ago and have had many stops and starts, but the practice of gratitude has significantly transformed my perspective for the better.

  1. This soft chair
  2. the warmth of my coffee mug
  3. this quiet, spacious room
  4. a crackling candle
  5. the intricacies of that spider web

Instead, gratitude illuminate the beauty and goodness that’s present even in the midst of adversity.

Developing a thankful heart will transform you into the kind of person who notices all the good stuff, regardless of your circumstances.



An attempt to bring heart-touching and thought-provoking writing under one roof to make an impact.

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