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Day 39/365: Facebook looks a lot like an abandoned fair or mall

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Facebook tries way too hard to be something that it isn’t anymore these days. Imagine being at the mall. No, wait, first imagine being at the fair, right? You go to the fair, you enjoy the music, the delicious food, the concerts, the games and the rides. You go home tired, but satisfied because you did all of the fun stuff that you could, and are excited to go again next year.

Now imagine having to go to that same fair every single day of your life, for the rest of your remaining days. Yes, you might like it for a month. Heck, you might enjoy it even for longer, but once you get to a certain point you’ll inevitably stop being excited about going.

“Facebook is like a jail. You sit around, have a profile picture, write on walls and get poked by people you don’t really like” — Unknown

The music suddenly gets too loud, the food is way to greasy and gives you heartburns way too often, the rides are starting to get boring and sometimes make you sick and the crowds are simply too much for you to handle on a daily basis. You get tired of it, so you again try and look for alternatives

Another interpretation is the mall resemblance. You surely love to go to the mall. We all do, but from time to time we just hate it. You hate the parking, the overpriced coffee, the dubious new stores that sell fake products for the prices of the original ones and the overall crowdedness and hurry-scurry.

Facebook has no direction

While Facebook is becoming a poor fair, a place where you can do anything you want, but nothing of value, places like Twitter and LinkedIn are slowly starting to rebuild trust and meaning on their platforms and overall usefulness to the consumers. We start seeing a much better engagement on these “auxiliary” platforms, as Facebook probably calls them, and the reason is not that they’re suddenly great again, but because Facebook has simply turned into a fair.

Twitter keeps you posted on the events of the world and the people that you want to keep up with using 240 characters posts and not much else.

LinkedIn has a true purpose because it allows you to find people that you can work for or with, which is extremely helpful in our society.

Quora finds the answers to any questions that you might have and delivers only the best ones to your Inbox.

Instagram simply allows you to admire and double tap on the images that you love and maybe comment on one or two.

“Facebook is the only place where is acceptable if you talk to a wall” — Unknown

Facebook tries to incorporate all of the above under one singular roof, and it’s simply not working anymore. Facebook has no direction, no ideal path and provides no meaning to its users, which are starting to get a sense about the huge amounts of time they unwantedly spend on the platform, which brings them no actual benefits.

People started to realise that the more time they spend on Facebook, the more tired and anxious and unhappy they become, and that’s no surprise.

There’s only so much that people can take even if we’re talking about the best fair or mall in the world. If Facebook keeps going towards being a mall that offers everything imaginable, from photos to jobs, stats, solutions to your problems and everything else, but no actual real and particular reason for why the people should not be leaving the platform, I can’t but think about the day when it will become nothing but an abandoned fairground or an empty, scary mall.

There’s no way in hell for Facebook to fix its problems, so while we wait for its impending doom day, let’s just tweet about it or something…

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