What a man should want to be?

One time or the other, we all must have heard the question, “what do you want to be?” I never had any answer to it, nor have. To say that I wanted to be a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer or anything seemed very uncertain and vague. So great and various are the vicissitudes of life and choices that it will be wrong even to attempt to answer a question as such. But we need an answer to it, for it determines how our life would turn out and in which direction.

The answer to it will guide us to live a perfect life. Each moment and the work we do at that moment would be perfectly done by us to attain our ultimate goal in life. ‘What we want to be’ should not only dictate an end but it should also pave a path to achieve it, and at the same time help us to cherish each moment of our life as if it were a vacation. The principle to determine ‘what to be’ should be same for all to bring out the best in a person, and to guide him to enjoy his life in the fullest way.

A man may work all his life for self-survival. But such animalistic self-preservation will never bring fulfillment in life. Every individual has some mental faculties and inherent abilities. The only way to cherish and make life meaningful is to understand these gifts and work on developing and expressing it. It does not matter what you do for a living but it does matter for your mental peace that your talents and faculties are used to the fullest.

If a man’s mind is the sea, the thoughts and ideas emanating from it are the waves. The way the waves dash against the shore, our thoughts must dash against the society and bring change to it. All thoughts and ideas of an individual are the gifts of nature to entire mankind once they are conceived in any particular individual. It is his duty to bring out his thoughts and actualize it.

Some ideas need to be expressed, some to be worked out, and some others to be lived. One should be the product of his thoughts and ideas. Self-actualization of ideas and inherent capabilities should be the guiding and motivational force of what a man should do and become in his life. A man owes to himself and his mind this self-realization followed by such self-actualization.