What To Do With All These N*ggers?

they think we are a dangerous lot of black welfare lines and unemployment climbing through their windows/stealing their babies out from their sheep/ stirring from sleep of America milk dreams drenched in honey/ they think we are inside their closets/ that we are invading their homes/ drinking their porridge/ they think we are safe with them with the way they say nigger around us like it is air/ like it is their affirmative action/ like they have earned the right to want to be like us/ to want to be in the custom of us/ to lay naked before us/ arms tied to bosom in the burrows of the culture/ skin deep muscles soaking up the drum kits we have laid out/ have played them before/ have taught them how to pluck the notes out from under us/

they believe we require diction/ in need of punctuation/ desiring of good grades/ less sag in our pants/ that we need degrees from universities built by men colored flour suntime deficient/ they do not have pigment that is code for you too dark for this seat for this class you must sit at this table no the other one/ this one is not meant for you/ they ask us to die and we will ask how and they will say any way as long as it is not here/ they will ask us to play and we will say how loud and they will say no listen as field mice do/ they will ask us to pray and we will say how Godly and they smirk and they will say niggers do not have faith/

this shit is expensive Fela may have stated once/ in this state now here we have a President/ this one will wear fear like a cape/ will call Black murders carnage/ he will send Feds/ no we will send for you when we ask of you *we will never ask for you*/your land is our land/ you are not welcome here/ here is our home/ our home is anywhere our footprint’s mark is treading over the limp that is your back/ you will rust over the mildew of the seat in office you now hold for ransom/

they think we are tragedy/ Othello in balcony seats/ we are laughter in parades/ everything scatter scatter/ we take things and make new out of it all/ they believe what they see/ no we more magic than that/ they are scared because we are their mirrors/ we are born with gold in mouths/ we are the belly of the dance/ we have moons for backyards/ we are the saltwater/ we are oceans in hands/ we are swimming/ we are live-in-revolutionary-stereo sound/we are their bed in breakfast/ their only salvation/ their Nazareth baby/ we are Pharaoh’s children upstream in a basket/ we are pyramids in a ghetto/ we are their Bethlehem/ you pray to us before you die/ yes you pray to us.