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When Complacency Breaks Success

Never Get Comfortable In Recovery

It’s been a topic that I’ve written about many times. Although I have covered it so often, I don’t believe that it sounds like a record player stuck on repeat. If anything it sounds like fresh warnings each time.

Any of us in sobriety know, that we can lose it at the drop of a dime, and it’s that word complacency that represents many a reason, that we’ve failed in the past. Losing grip of sobriety. Not keeping it green in our minds, just to how wonderful and pure, recovery and sobriety can feel.

It’s a spiritual experience, not one that comes for mere pennies. It’s foundation, and meaning is priceless, so it’s priceless work we must continue and maintain.

When I began this venture of wanting to tell my story, I obviously had plenty to write about right away. I wrote many dark pieces, with brutal honesty, and stories never sugar coated.

It caught the attention of readers who lived all different sides of the spectrum. It also attracted readers who were first-time novices to the drug world. It helped many, and it frightened readers as well.

I don’t write too many dark tales anymore. This tragedy that society faces is showing its dark world without me having to confirm.

I have not “forgotten” all those demonic times I lived. I keep it green, but it’s about keeping everything green. There is more to recovery then just telling disgusting scary tales. I know I don’t want that world anymore. There are ways to remain sober, simple tools to work from. It isn’t all impossible and daily hell.

It’s a multi-leveled process, so let’s cover each level. When we get those impossible cravings, try to wait them out. It is often said and proven too that distractions are there if we reach out and take them.

Sometimes a distraction, even for mere minutes, can pass enough time, to quickly realize that, “oh wow, that cravings gone.

Have a plan for when things go bad. We’re all human, and sobriety doesn’t give life perfection. Things like complacency can either stop us from building this plan or stop us from refreshing an already in place plan.

But having that plan for the bad, before the bad happens, is a preparation, we shouldn’t be without. I often say, make sure that even your worst day is manageable.

A big tip for living this life is we can’t live it alone. In this case, success can’t come, for someone going the sobriety road alone. We mean don’t isolate, keep that mind open, build, and keep a network open. When you are feeling your worst, let one who’s loved and trusted, hear the words that irrational brain might be saying.

There are true and trusted ones out there. Find them, and erase the rest.

With that, also know, this road can’t be successfully driven overnight. This world is more than just removing the using aspect. Because anybody could white knuckle it. Sobriety and recovery are about full, total change. Stop using is where it starts. But the opportunities can be endless.

My advice; accept faith, accept spirituality, and invite God. Those components there will be that edge you need. You’ll love life when you decide to grab his hand. The hand he’s been reaching out to you, for so long.

Yes, I can’t lie, the world we will come out of, is dark, frightening, and scary. It is not a life our high power intended for us. But we can say yes to the light, at any time.

For as dark and “hopeless” addiction may be portrayed as it isn’t a life with only a dead end choice.

This short piece is just a brief refresher. A refresher to keep it green, that no life is hopeless. Faith though invisible will still show itself. Many things that seemed too good to be true, are quite true indeed.



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