When I got 0 reads, 0 views but 1 recommend…

“My therapist says, ‘I crave recognition more than accomplishment’.”

I remembered this dialogue from the movie ‘Mad Dog And Glory’ when a recent post of mine garnered zero views, zero reads but 2 likes. Sorry, actually 1 if I remove my own like from it. Although dismal, it clarified many things involving my blogging phenomenon and other’s.

Most of us here, in medium and other blogging platforms, write for recognition more than for the sake of art itself. We want followers, likes and comments as much as possible. Writing is actually a means for our satisfaction of recognition than an instrument of self-expression.

Should we only blog so that more and more people would follow us? Unfortunately the answer seems yes if we take into account the blogging, commenting and recommending techniques of other bloggers.

Most blogs are usually crap without original material, which are mostly published by the authors who simply want to be visible and not lost in the heap of scraps. They usually publish self-help nonsense which are nothing but paraphrasing of other popular books, articles which are nothing but explanation of great quotes, self improvement humbug, etc. These blogs not only lack in original material but are also very poorly written and expressed.

To be truthful, I myself write such self-help, quotation stuff etc. And it is received well, actually. It does better than my creative stuff. The reason is: people like to read cheap material with some great quotation in it, if it is a self-help or a inspirational article. It is depressing. Do you need to be told, like a child, how to live life, love yourself, be confident etc.

People follow, recommend and comment, simply to be visible, and to be recommended liked and followed in return. Comment of readers is itself a testimony of the fact that they have not read the blog. What can be more insulting and embarrassing when you find a comment which is not at all relevant to the blog posted? ( I actually have to delete an entire blog for this reason, once)

There are numerous articles on medium about how to be a star blogger in medium, how to earn maximum followers, etc. They have actually got the maximum recommendation. This bears testimony to the psychology of the medium readers. This shows the social alienation of people in medium and their crave for recognition. Many articles are being published on medium, like ‘Thank you, medium’, ‘Dear Medium’, etc. To them, please get yourself a spouse or a life.

When I actually joined medium, I thought it would be different from Facebook, Twitter crap, where people post the pics to gain appreciation and recognition. But there is no big difference. Here, in medium, people fake their intellect and creativity to gain a little green heart or recommendation.

Actually, writing is a means to self-expression, and if a writing turns out good it is the satisfaction that matters the most not some virtual followers. Who cares if your writing is not liked or you have no followers? Even great writers were rejected a numerous times at first. Scott Fitzgerald was never considered a great until his death. It was only after that, his ‘Great Gatsby’ was considered a masterpiece and given its due recognition.

However, I would like to admit that there are some genuinely talented, creative writers. But, unfortunately, it cannot be said for the most of the bloggers. And for such disturbing elements, medium and blogging platform is reduced become a dustbin of bad writings, in which no one will be interested in.

Most of the problems may be solved, if all of us write without caring how much recommendation or how many followers we would gain. And write for self-expression, self-satisfaction and improve our writing skills and creativity. Who cares, at the end of the day they are just blogs like millions, trillions other blogs? Right?

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