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Why Girls Loving Western Wear

Three Perfect Strategy from Dirty Industries


1.Media influence

The only way to find out what is trending is to follow “celebrities” and the celebrities we tend to idolize are not like the pride of our country, the very hard working “Hima Das”( sadly such people are not even placed in the celebrity category), rather they turn out to be the brand ambassadors of silicone, plastic surgeries, and skin bleaching, quite self-embracing I see, and it is also laughable to see the same people saying

“embrace your natural beauty, you all are beautiful”

whereas it should have been

“you will become beautiful once to get those injections, a lighter skin, and a nose job is done.”


every director knows the shorter the length of actresses’ clothes is, higher the TRP will be, and the goal of profit maximization drives fashion industry in the name of “embrace your body” whereas the tagline should have been “we sell your bodies” otherwise why do you need Megan Fox’s over-sexualized outfits in an action movie like the transformers, Hollywood does it best but, Bollywood is also catching up, as it has done since last few decades leaving behind its own uniqueness.

3.Empowerment fallacy

Through advertisements that are all around, poor girls are made to believe that wearing super uncomfortable clothes is empowerment and something that boosts your confidence, and if somebody questions it then you must answer it with rage so that next time no one dares not do that and we can carry on selling our stuff(this is how their business remains unharmed as you become their protectors even without knowing it).

I call this straight-up hypocrisy were at one point accepting oneself is being promoted and alongside taglines like “trying to fit in” prevails everywhere, girls are made to believe that they are becoming stronger but the sad truth is that they are being made a commodity for the benefit of this dirty industry.

So how do they get away with this? the answer lies in this phrase “the big lie”(a term coined by Adolf Hitler in 1925) i.e. a lie so colossal that one cannot even believe that someone can distort the truth to such an extent, and it works pretty well in the women’s fashion industry as it is obvious that one will wear what is available and cannot believe that the agenda behind is just profit.

My aim here was not to criticize anyone’s opinions I Just wanted to make people realize that leave behind their choices, it is not even their opinion and is just an inculcated agenda and we are just good and free advertisement banners,

here I do not claim that a particular culture’s way of dressing is superior to other’s I just wanted to make you realize that this is no culture just business of innocent people, and if you still hold your former views and decide to criticize my article anyway then it could actually be your opinion or maybe a state of complete denial where the truth is too harsh to accept, the choice is up to you.

I will be successful if I could even make an impact on a single reader of this article, anyway “stay blessed.”

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