Why I don’t want to be an immortal.

If I had lived for 3000 years or multiples of that,will I live life any differently than my first 100 years?

Will I ever make the same mistake?

Miss the same opportunity?

Love the same person?

Do the same work?

Live in the same place?

I don’t know.

No one knows.

Maybe it’s for the best or the worst.

The life you have now,is the life you will ever have.

We are not immortals and we won’t get a chance to redo this life,not even a moment of it.

This moment gone is gone forever.

The moment you lived,the moment you lost hold the same value.

No one loses a life other than the one they are living,and no one lives a life other than the one they are losing.

The longest and the shortest life amount to the same,the present moment lasts the same for all and that is what we all possess.

The present.

The moment to change ,to inspire,to live and to love.

But it differs in what you do in that moment.

Use it to inspire,to love,to live and to change.

No one can either lose the past or the future.

How can one be deprived of what’s not theirs?

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