Why parking problems should be taken seriously in urban areas?

Talking about the evolution of the concept of parking lots

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photo credit Brydon McCluskey by unsplash

With the advancement in technology and due to liberal market concepts, the number of vehicles across the world is increasing day by day. It makes life easy to have a luxury car or at least a car that enables you to travel easily avoiding public transport. It saves you from bothersome traveling by public transport. It is fast and saves your precious time. Your one-time expense on buying a car absolves you from many other problems. So you bring a car home but it has many impacts on your locality. One of these impacts is finding a parking lot or parking that vehicle.

This increase in the number of cars is causing the problem of parking in urban areas. This is a universal problem around the globe. Static traffic is becoming a grave issue in major urban cities of the world. A vehicle that is not on the road is parked somewhere. It is covering space in congested areas. Most importantly these problems become difficult to handle when there is no proper parking management.

In the absence of parking lots, usually, vehicles are parked in street in the case of urban areas. While on the highways, usually drivers park cards alongside the roads in front of refreshment areas. In both cases, the safety and…