Yes, there is actually an ‘ideal’ time to post on social media. Take note

Did you know there’s an ‘ideal’ time to post your carefully crafted social rants? And, yes, it differs from Instagram vs. Facebook vs. Linkedin. It turns out there’s some very cluey social media analysts (I made up that job title. I don’t really know what they call themselves) who have studied the trends and data of all of us, social media whores, FOR YEARS. They can now confidently tell you specific time slots for posting — for maximum exposure and audience concentration, or whatever.

I like to be a giver – not a taker – so I’ll tell you how I know this and, more importantly, WHEN you should post, right here in this article. Aside from that, I’ve also invested thousands over the years on online courses (reputable ones, I promise) like Natalie Sisson’s Freedom Plan and the work of Amanda Daley, to compare to. I checked to see that they were all saying the same thing.

Before that, though, for any of my ol’ faithful subscribers currently reading this and thinking:

WHAT THE FCK REBECCA, I didn’t ask you to tell me about business building and all this shiz. I followed you for your shitty life advice!!!!

Don’t get your panties in a twist — I still post about all things self-development:

  • How to deal with occasional outbursts of anxiety;
  • How to not be the clingy, demanding girlfriend;
  • How to not feel sad about the small stuff… like running out of Vegemite on a Monday morning…

I’m just adding ‘biz building and productivity’ to my bag of tricks. It’s kind of all I can think about while I get ready for launching my new biz (ETA — two weeks. YIKES).

Okay? Alright.

As promised — the bit about social media posting:

Software provider, TrackMaven recently released a report on its social media studies for the top five platforms, being: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest. Now, I don’t really give a fck about those last two, so I’m not going to spend any time going into them, but as for the first three, the following stats were found :

(*note that this references “Eastern times”)


Posting on a Thursday and Friday is ideal. 9 am to 7 pm is considered a ‘safe’ posting time but, more specifically, trends show 1 pm to 3 pm is your best bet. On a Friday it’s interesting to note that audience engagement jumps up 10% so FriYAY is an A+ day to post.


Friday evenings are, again, ideal for Insta. Specifically, 5/6/7 pm is best. Other than that, there was a rogue stat of 8 pm on a Monday night being another fab choice. If you happen to have something you’re dying to post but are hesitant to because of what I just said about Monday and Fridays, id say as long as you stick with the above suggested time slot of 5–7 pm – you should still be fine.


Monday is not an ideal day for LinkedIn. I guess given the issue of Mondayitis and all — and that a lot of us are lazy buggers and avoid doing all our hard work on a Friday afternoon, leaving us feeling inundated come Monday morning. Steer clear from Monday. It’s probably no surprise that the ideal time slots work in with your typical 9–5 pm job. So, avoid 9–5 pm when peeps are busy, working hard (or hardly working) and, instead, aim for 7 am-8:30 am and then again at 5–6 pm. Specifically on a Tues, Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday being the ultimate day.

This report I mentioned even goes into detail about post-specific time slots according to the different industries you are targeting. There were 75 industries examined (architecture, aviation, etc) but I won’t go into that much, other than to say that the three that apply to me — and maybe to you too — are as follows:

Consumer goods (clothes, makeup, etc.)
 Insta = Tues at 6pm
 Facebook = Sun at 11am

Consumer services (I’m thinking PT, coaching, writing)
 Insta = Sat at 10am
 Facebook = Fri at 4pm

 Insta = Mon at 11am
 Facebook = Sun at 4pm

If you want to see a copy of this report then reach out to me, say “Gidday”, and I’ll send you the link to it.

Above all — take the above info on board but then EXPERIMENT with your content and your own audience.

X Bec

Originally published at on August 15, 2017.

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