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You Are A Valued Thoughts and Ideas Reader

Final newsletter for 2020

It is my pleasure to share this brief new newsletter for the Thoughts and Ideas publication. There is not a day that goes by, where we don’t feel a valued appreciation for all of our contributors, whether it be authors, or readers. It has been a while since I reached out to all of you, and I just wanted to make sure I connect with you here, at least once more before the new year 2021 comes upon us.

I personally celebrate Christmas, as I live here in the United States. However, I can respect any holidays that people overseas all over the world may have. A good majority of my success as an author and publisher actually comes from the support I receive internationally. It is great to realize that this life of writing has connected me to every continent, dozens of countries, and countless cultures, all of which fascinate me in some way. I really have a strong regard, and respect for it all.

That whole idea is one that I can strongly relate to when it comes to factors involved with my writing. It is these words that we write and put together, that really helps create the world that we all share. Being an author is a field of work that all kinds of people can connect and relate to.

No matter which language we may be speaking, it doesn’t matter. Being a publisher or an author gives us this unseen ability to have a universal language when we share the thoughts, feelings and emotions we have.

We all relate to pain, joy, heartache, grief, distrust, loss, betrayal, envy, and of course the big one, which is love. When we write on topics like those, we are sure to reach the hearts and minds of people no matter where in the world we may be.

While cultures, customs, and heritages may be vast and wide, the faith in which we live with, follows many similarities. Even in the many different religions there is certain central ideas and goals. Most of which are the driving forces we utilize, to help make ourselves better people.

Anything that brings us together should be celebrated. When I as an American, write about painful topics like drug addiction, and mental health, that reaches the heart of people who can relate all over this globe. Because those dark type of times affect and hurt all people with no regard to the color of a person’s skin, their sex, their social class, or religion.

That right there is the central point which proves and shows just how connected we are, whenever we are sharing words for readers. Readers are touched by my work, because of the content of my literature, and not because of where I happen to be, or what I look like.

Whether you celebrate this holiday season or not, I want you to know that I am here to continue driving this publication and building it for all of us. Because this outlet called Thoughts and Ideas, is one for all readers, and all writers. I want everyone to feel bonded by our work, and know that nobody is left out of what we are doing here. Our mission is all of ours.

With blessings and peace,

your publisher, MICHAEL PATANELLA.



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