You’ll Know When It’s Real

“There was a time when I would have believed them if they’d told me you could not come true — just love’s illusion…but then you found me and everything changed.”
I Choose You, Sara Bareilles

I’ve been in a few relationships in my time. Some were abusive — physically, emotionally, psychologically. Some were boring and loveless. Some were perfectly acceptable but came at a time when I was still growing as a person and couldn’t appreciate their simplicity.

I’m a firm believer in accepting your past as a learning experience. You really can’t grow as a human being unless you’re able to analyze how or why any given event happened the way it did. I now know that I went through — and put others through — all of that so that when I came face to face with the love of my life, I would recognize him and know how to accept, treat, love and cherish him.

It’s a daily goal of mine to put a smile on my husband’s face, no matter what we’re facing. God knows we’ve faced an awful lot since this time last year. Through all of it, the things I’ve known I can count on are Frank’s arms (comfort), smile (warmth), sound perspective (logic) and laughter (fun).

I often wonder how it’s possible that I could deserve a man like him. I think about the person I used to be and believe I must have somehow tricked him. He says he’s the lucky one, but I know better. My quest is to remind him every day that he is loved, appreciated and important — because he is.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Frank.

I still choose you.