5 Important Traits to Look For in a Good Wedding Planner

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Planning an Indian wedding is exhausting and requires multi-tasking. Right from booking a reception hall to arranging caterers, decorators, wedding photographers, mehndi artists; there’s a lot that needs to be done. Hosts, therefore, find themselves in a tight spot when it comes to managing everything, that too if it all needs to be done in a very short span of time. In such instances it is best to leave the job to a professional wedding planner who would ensure that everything runs smoothly, thereby saving your time and allowing you to address other important issues such as attending the guests and participating in the important ceremonies, where your presence is a must.

If you are planning a wedding and want to hire a wedding planner in Delhi or any other city, this blog post will help you identify the desired traits for choosing the right wedding planner. Read on to learn more.

1. Spontaneity

No matter how well everything is planned, there would be a situation that needs immediate resolution. A good wedding planner should be able to keep their cool and come up with spontaneous solutions to deal with such situations. Although, as a host it would be you who would be taking the final decision, but the wedding planner must be smart enough to provide you options that will help you make the right decision. To find out how spontaneous your shortlisted wedding planners are, ask them to share a few experiences.

2. Creativity

Everyone dreams of a wedding that’s unique and stands out from the rest. A creative wedding planner can help you turn that dream turn into a reality. Ask the wedding planners you have shortlisted, for a portfolio of work they have done. It will give you an idea of how creative they are. You may also share your idea of how you would want the wedding to be, and ask them to prepare and share with you, a plan around your idea.

3. Listening Ability

It is only through careful listening that wedding planners are able to understand and execute what the clients expect from them. It’s therefore important to ensure that you hire one who is a good listener. When interviewing a wedding planner, pay attention to how attentive they are. It’s good to be energetic and enthusiastic, but if someone jumps the gun over and over again, without paying proper attention to what you have to say, you know it’s a ‘NO’.

4. Meticulous Organizing Skills

One of the primary reasons people hire a wedding planner is because of their lack of ability or time on hand, or sometimes even both, to organize everything on their own. It is, therefore expected that a wedding planner would take care of everything, right from deciding the minutest of details such as font size of wedding cards to the bigger things such as deciding food menu for the wedding. Everything requires meticulous planning and proper execution. Hiring a wedding planner helps ensure that everything is well organized and it also helps avoid any last moment crisis. It is, therefore, important to hire a professional wedding planner.

5. Good Mediation Skills

Most problems arise due to lack of communication. A wedding planner must be friendly, outgoing, and should be able to communicate with almost anyone with equal ease. If there is an issue that requires mediation with the vendors, the wedding planner must have the required mediating skills to come up with a win-win solution for everyone. As wedding planning requires dealing with people on different levels, be it the client, the vendors, or the guests, the wedding planner you choose must have the ability to clearly communicate with anybody and everybody who they interact with.


Planning and executing a good wedding is a tough task. It requires careful planning, coordination and execution. To make sure the wedding is organized and executed smoothly, hire a wedding planner basis the traits mentioned in this blog post. To assess the work done by the wedding planners shortlisted by you, visit their wedding planning website and check out if there are any testimonials of previous clients. You may also go online and check reviews on independent wedding planning websites to find out the top weddings planners in Delhi who can make your dream wedding a reality.