App Store Optimization #3: App Name

Does App Name matters behind the success of the App??

Think about a most complex name that you remember… No result found😂

First and common point in App Name Optimization is App name should be simple and easy to remember. Complex, hard pronounce, odd-spell app name hard to remember.

It’s advisable to use a general searchable keyword or combination of phrase and most important easy to pronounce, It helps with mouth-to-mouth publicity

What’s your expectation with APPNAME??

My App name should be Unique, hand-pick, Face of App, unique and most important viral..

Okay… to fulfill your expectations I will give the Tips, follow it and you will get your app name.

Use Relevant keyword as App Name

Relevant keyword will boosts ranking and helps in app searching.

Use simple App Name

The unique, simple app name will easy to remember so, users can search in the App Store.

Should be unique App Name

Copy of other app name or generic name must not use. If you want your app in top list, then the app name should be unique.

Add keyword as descriptive part with App Name

Apple allows to enter 50 characters in App name. Use AppName: keywords like

Also, this reflect to URL also

Check App name ranking

Google with app name check uniqueness and if somebody using the app name or not. If already or relevant name available in the market uses different keywords or run an advertisement, it will give you hike in app ranking.

Time to Brainstorm for App name

I hope you have already created a list of keywords if you didn’t prepare, then go and find how to get the best keyword for app, Here is a link for you:

Prepare new list for App name also, make sure App name should be simple, unique, east spell and pronounceable.

Use AppName: keywords pattern for App name, check low-volume app name and keyword and use them as combination as App name.

Cool..😎, We are ready App Name and Keywords, now It’s time for my favorite part ICON. In the next article, We will see the most important element of App page. A tiny image is actually Landmark of your app address.. Stay tune with me.. 😉

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