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Rania Mdimagh
Oct 7, 2020 · 3 min read
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Rapid technology evolution came in answer to many business needs across a wide range of industries. The leveraging of those high techs provided a variety of smart digital solutions cutting-edge to every business need.

Entreprises are more and more reliant on the ‘Digital Transformation’ to drive them to the next level of competition and unlock issues in their existing systems.

Faced challenges by companies

Enterprise-grade software solutions are designed to cover many aspects of a company’s work and guarantee the easiness of any business process.

Whether it is Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Telecom, Media, Financial Services, Transportation business, etc…, industries face many challenges like

The general customer mindset evolves and changes according to many circumstances. adaptation to the change In demand is a challenge faced in the absence od the right tools

with harsh competition and market saturation companies are required to adapt and catch up on the train in order to survive

The lack of powerful analytics tools leads to biased estimations and wrong decision making.

keeping track of deadlines quality, stock, production, and delivering…etc are many difficult tasks to handle in any project. The human brain can forget or miss to calculate variables leading to delays and serious management problems.

Workforce charges the compulsory human presence in every little task leads to augmented charged of recruiting workers and supervisions to assume work defaults

Want to know more about the best existing solutions in the market?

Enterprise Software solutions we offer

At IndiaNIC our development philosophy is: any software is made to be useful, stable, secure, and highly reliable in alignment with enterprise scenarios, policies, needs, and systems.

Here are some of the high-value enterprise solutions we offer.

Smart IoT based software solutions that integrate different control system into your business process powering machinery and different devices to operate automatically. It allows to boost productivity, eliminate human mistakes, and guarantee efficiency and clients satisfaction, minimize risks, etc..( get to know more about business automation)

Main features we develop giving greatness to business automation solutions

  • Standard Integration: integrated CRMs and ERPs
  • Collaborative Dashboards interactive dashboard: ensuring fluent workflow between different parties everywhere anywhere.

A cloud-based powerful tool enabling the management, proper running, and realtime tracking of different workflows, consecutive tasks, and projects simultaneously and efficiently all through a custom central dashboard led by efficient features like

  • Client management: to keep track of every single business demand and its progress
  • Team Management: to manage, allocate and get real-time data about every team member
  • Task Management: enables the following of different tasks within the process according to their timeline
  • Invoice Management to manage bills and other expenses
  • Project Timer: to organize time chart easily and make all necessary modifications to catch up on deadlines
  • etc..

Goods and Services Tax custom flexible software dealing with all aspects of the company’s financial tasks day-to-day, evaluate transactions, and generate financial statements and reports about all incomes and expenses while keeping alignment with laws and user requirements

An all-in-task solution to perfectly manage and plan your digital content enabling you to create, edit, publish different types of content in order to promote and sell your products or services.

An AIML based solution that automates back-stage business functions enabling its user to conduct sales operations, automate restocking, generate reports and analysis, manage taxation..etc. It stands on efficient features such as Easy GST Filing and calculations, Sales and purchases Charts, precise customizable Reporting, integrated CGST & IGST operations etc….

Collaborate with IndiaNIC !

We collaborated with the world’s leading brands throughout our 22 years journey, we came to determine the ideal user-centric useful solutions to deliver 100% reliability. Our solid team of technologies, analytics, and cloud computing experts leverages collaboration to anticipate your future business needs and provide your business with customized flexible software solutions.

Originally published at on October 7, 2020.


Innovative insights and interesting stories from your…

Rania Mdimagh

Written by

Marketer, Blog /content writer, and creator for IndiaNIC and Cohort believing that marketing is the art of selling potatoes ;)



Innovative insights and interesting stories from your friends at IndiaNIC.

Rania Mdimagh

Written by

Marketer, Blog /content writer, and creator for IndiaNIC and Cohort believing that marketing is the art of selling potatoes ;)



Innovative insights and interesting stories from your friends at IndiaNIC.

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