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How to mind map efficiently to design solution-oriented wireframes?

The world is always evolving so are the emerging needs that require more efficient digital solutions. Every solution starts with a genuine idea, yet not every idea can be concretized. Hence comes the necessity of organizing ideas via mind mapping and designing solution-oriented wireframes.

Coming from a non-technical background? No worries! This blog is for you!

Simplifying concepts

Discovering your project, identifying your business needs, use case solutions, objectives and profiling your user’s potential behavior can be tricky! The power lies in simple and clear plannings.

Organizing ideas via Mind mapping

Mind mapping is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It’s a visual thinking tool that projects and simplifies what’s going on in your mind. It structures available information to identify connections between your ideas in order to help you to :

  • Better analyze and comprehend
  • Recall and generate new ideas
  • Take notes
  • Sketch mapping
  • Predict future pathways
  • Have an idea about the needed features
  • Eventually designing effective wireframes

Designing Wireframes :

Wireframes are the streamlines of your Software development process and it defines the functional workflow. It’s a pre-designing tool that basically visualizes, organizes and simplifies your content layout within a website or a mobile app.

Here are the main benefits of an effective wireframing:

  • Visualize the website/mobile app structure
  • Clarify the features of the interface
  • Refine navigation
  • Sets iterations for UI/UX design process

How to mind map?

3 factors behind an effective mind mapping

Manually or digitally made, mind mapping effectively is a matter of 3 factors:

✔ A long brainstorming session (nice food is recommended)

✔ A tactical imagination (identifying the central topic, subtopics, lower level subtopics)

✔ Using the right tools (software, paper& pen)

Recommended tools:

“I can’t draw or visualize” is no longer an excuse! Mind mapping has never been easier using the following tools

never been easier using the following tools

MindMeister Software

High IT companies and experts use these tools to understand their client’s ideas and concepts

And to not feel lost, here are some tips and Steps!


Make mind mapping a passion habit and the start of every successful project.

  • Simplify your main concept in few words and make it the center of your graphic
  • Develop the sub-ideas and connect them to the center through means, costs, expectations, etc.
  • Generate lower level sub-ideas


  • Use colors and different shapes! Make it as visual as u can
  • Use short labels in order to make your mind map more effective
  • Emphasize important points via varying text size, boldness, and alignment
  • Make your lower level sub-ideas as precise and close to the reality behind it

Hope The following mind mapping gives you an idea about how colorful and effective it needs to be

When your graphic is clear enough and visualizes the different aspects of your idea, comes the wireframing phase where you turn your concept into visual features.

From mind maps to functional wireframes

Wireframing is all about developing your concept beyond the initial level. In web/app development, it’s a Conceptual block-based representation of key information that represents the connections between different features and how they are supposed to figure in the interface. It determines the functional flow of your desired app/website.

Here are the major used tools for wireframing:


Sketch Software
Sketch Software

The Consequences of ineffectiveness

To be more precise, Designing wireframes is the engaging phase of any web/app development process as it Sets iterations for UI/UX design process.

If the final visual appearance of your app isn’t as appropriate as you want it there’s a problem with your wireframe and with your mind mapping in the first place. So make sure it’s solution-oriented.

Before moving to the actual designing phase, mind mapping and wireframing are major parts of the discovery phase of any project there for their effectiveness is compulsory so it is better to seek the help of professionals!

IT and web development companies are investing more and more in those techniques in order to deliver flawless products to their clients.

Read more: “ What is Discovery workshop? Why it is important for project success?

The importance of an effective mind mapping and solution-oriented wireframes shows in further steps like UI/UX design as it’s based on knowing what you’re exactly building In order to focus on the user’s experience and make it work.

Get to know more on: “Interface, Experience & Visuals UI/UX design”




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