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The 5 reasons why your business needs a chatbot!

As a user, don’t you find it so cool when you check a website or a mobile app and a chat box appears to answer any questions you may have at any time even so late at night? Have you ever wondered what technology is behind that and how it can be this smart?!

A Chatbot is an AIML software-based application that conducts online chat conversations without any human intervention.

As a digital-business owner, you should take into consideration the main detail that satisfies your users which is: the fast and effective response to their inquiries at any time!

That’s why This blog is about the main reasons why your business needs a chatbot!

How beneficial are chatbots for your business?

AIML chatbots made life easier in so many noticeable ways :

1/ Provides An effortless customer service management

chatbot’s automated customer support has the ability to provide solutions for similar queries. Typical customer questions or demands can be answered very easily. Non-typical ones can be solved by giving more options and adding customer responses to its data brain. Chatbots never stop learning!

2/ Provides 24/7 instant customer service

Imagine how frustrating it was, back in the time, to work in customer service centers answering thousands of similar calls daily! And then still get complaints about not answering at certain times!

Unlike their fellow humans, chatbots do never get tired or bored ! their powerful capacity provides customer service instantly and round the clock.

3) Efficiency bomb!

Chatbots came in response to a huge need for reinforced user services. Unlike traditional human-related ways, chatbots are not bound by limitations and are efficient in every possible way: it doesn’t waste time, it saves & analyzes data for ulterior use and helps reduce costs.

The chatbot efficiency can be measured through different performance indicators such as:

  • Activity volume: evaluating the number of interactions clarifying how frequent the chatbot is used and is the number of users increasing
  • Bounce rate An elevated rate indicates that your bot isn’t being consulted on subjects that are relevant to its area of competence.
  • Retention rate The Retention Rate refers to the proportion of users who have consulted your chatbot on repeated occasions over a given period.
  • Target audience volume: this indicator verifies that you are achieving your goals in a matter of needed population on your website or app.

4) Sets your conversion rate on fire!

Chatbots implementation comes with a simple interface that makes it more familiar to the users. The reliability and customer experience enhancement can highly convert potential traffic into actual customers.

Take a look at how Indianic’s chatbot interface is like

5) Improves Business Branding

It is no doubt that The more developed and innovative your services are the better you are perceived by customers! It all depends on how satisfied are the users of the provided responses of your chatbot and how are they taking full advantage of it. Chatbots are 100% worth investment as it offers a way better and smoother experience to your customers. Minimizing gaps and improving customer satisfaction therefor highly promoting your brand’s services!

Other benefits :

Thanx to the verity of statistics, you can adapt your chatbot to specialize in the subjects that come up most commonly and thereby improve its performance.

In the end, Can Chatbots become your new digital friends ;)!



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