Guage conversion of Sardar Shahar — Ratangarh section completed.

Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu inaugurated the railway line between Ratangarh and SardarShahar today. After being closed for 5 years, this 45kms section is opened to the public today.

Last meter gauge train before the line is closing for Gauge conversion: Date: 2012–08–10, Owner: Siddhartha Ganesh
First train from Sardarshahar to Ratangarj Jn. after Gauge conversion is completed. Date: 19–06–2017

There will be 3 trains running from Ratangarh Jn to SardarShahar railway station. A Timetable for trains between Ratangarh Jn and SardarShahar can be noticed below.

Timetable for trains from Ratangarh Jn to Sardar shahar

Timeline of gauge conversion work:

  1. The work on this section is initiated by the then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee in 2007–08 with an anticipated cost of 695 crores.
  2. Ratangarh — Sardarshahar section is closed for Gauge Conversion work on 16.08.2012 respectively
  3. After Mamata Banerjee left the office, the work on this section almost stalled due to lack of budget. refer
  4. Around 2014-2015, the work on this section resumed with the railway budget allocating 20 Crores. refer
  5. Work completed and opened to public on 20.06.2017

Even though this section is very short, it took almost 5 years to complete the gauge conversion. This section is neglected as this is the last station in this line and there are no plans to extend it any further.

A brief look into history suggests that this line was initially funded by the Late General Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh, this line was commissioned as a Meter Gauge in 1940s (need confirmation on this one).