Khurda Jn — Bolangir new line construction in progress since 1994–1995

History and Significance: This railway line passes through one of the dense forest areas in Orissa. Nayagarh — Boudh section (~130 km) of this project completely passes through the forest. The length of this railway line is approximately 290 km. The project is construction of a single diesel line.

This survey for this line started in 1983–1984 [1]. In 1992–1993 budget speech, the then Railway Minister Mr. Janeshwar Mishra mentioned that this section would be taken up as a new line[2]. But, the budget for this project is allocated in 1994–1995 [3]. Initially a budget of 700 Cr. was assigned to it, It is revised to 1985.25 Cr in 2013- 2014 Railway budget. This project is expected to complete by June 2021.

Proposed Khurda Road Jn — Bolangir New railway line.

Detailed Structure of this line and different phases of work:

The section is of 289 km with 18 stations* in between Bolangir and Khurda Road. 32 major, 403 minor bridges and 11 tunnels are proposed in this section. This work on this section is being taken up in 4 phases.

  • 0 km — 36 km
  • 36 km — 112 km
  • 112 km — 270 km
  • 270 km — 289 km

Details of this section and the current progress of each section are as follows:

0 km — 36 km section: This section has 2 stations, Khurda Town and Begunia. This line is opened to public on 16th July 2015 [4].

36 km — 112 km section:

This section has 8 stations, Rajsunakhala, Bolagarh Town PH, Bolagarh Road, Nayagarh Town, Mahipur*, Nuagaon, Dasapalla. Work on this section has been taken up in two parts.

  1. Begunia (excluding)— Nayagarh Town [36 km — 66 km]
  2. Nayagarh (excluding) — Dasapalla [66 km — 112 km]

Begunia — Nayagarh section is opened to public 16th July 2017. Some of the key features of this section are

  • Tender for the Laying of tracks with a cost of 4.7 Crores is floated on 26th April 2013. [5]
  • Begunia — RajaSunakhala (9.50 Kms) section commissioned on 03.11.2015. [6]
  • Rajsunakhala — Bolagarh (12.8 km) commisioned on 20th March 2017 [7]
  • Bolagarh — Nayagarh Town railway line (12 km) inaugurated on 18 Jun 2017 [8]

In Nayagarh — Dasapalla section, A total land of ~1500 acres is required. Permission for the clearance of this section is requested. but it is still pending. [9]

Tenders are called for construction of Major bridges @88.22 km, @99.34 km, @101.2 km and Laying of tracks in this section. Tenders are also called for construction of Nuagaon Railway station. [10]

According to planning of commissioning 2017–2018, The 25 km section between Nayagarh and Nuagaon is planned to be commissioned in Feb’ 2018.

112 km — 270 km section:

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on 20-July-2015 between the Ministry of Railways and the Government of Odisha on implementation of Dasapalla-Bolangir segment of Khurda Road — Bolangir New Broad Gauge Railway Line on cost sharing basis. [11]

To complete this important infrastructure project, Government of Odisha has consented to partner with Railways by providing land free of cost and sharing 50% of the construction cost for Dasapalla to Bolangir (177 kms) part of this project.

Tender floated for Waterway calculation for major bridges. soil investigation and allied works. So, this section is still in planning phase.

272 km — 289 km section:

This section has only one new railway station, Bhainsapalli. This tender for laying of tracks is floated. According to planning of commissioning 2017–2018, this section is planned to be commissioned in Feb’ 2018.