Soul Force, The Story Of Valliamma

soul force, valliamma mudliar

Suzanne Franco’s latest book documents the life of the Indian resistance struggle that transformed the landscape of South Africa through the story of Valliamma Mudliar.

Her passion for bringing to life the story of Valliamma is commendable by all accounts where South African’s particularly the Indian community shaped the balance of power amongst the English occupation of South Africa and the struggle of apartheid between Black and White.

How easily is childhood innocence lost? And when does this virtue cease to be labelled childhood?

At sixteen years of age, Valliamma Mudliar’s childhood innocence became a distant memory. Her commitment to the Satyagraha struggle for equality, justice and freedom had consumed her adolescence. She found herself no longer a child, not yet a woman, but an activist. Becoming part of Gandhi’s Satyagraha, his unique ‘passive resistance’ to the excessive unjust laws against the Indians of South Africa, Valliamma felt privileged to be part of the great man’s ‘soul force’.

If imminent death had entered Valliamma’s youthful mind, she showed no sign of fear, as she joined thousands of marchers on the limitless dusty roads, pressing on across provincial borders, the constant dread of being arrested, ever close.

During her time in jail, Gandhi visited this spirited girl and the memory of her astounding courage became embedded in his mind for many years.

“The name Valliamma will live, “Gandhi later wrote, “as long as India lives.” Such praise from this great man was given to few.

Other books by Suzanne Franco include ‘Exile Child’

Exile child is based on a true story that conveys the pain, heartache and inner strength of South African icon, Sarah Bartmann, this account of her life will leave you feeling both angry at the less glorious side of our history and also humbled by a sense of wonder at how anyone can tolerate a life of slavery without losing that most precious of human needs…hope.

Exile Child has received numerous favourable reviews from major newspapers, magazines and television reviews.

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