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China Does Not Want To Rule The World. Not Like White People

My country has known China for thousands of years. This is what it’s like

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Sri Lanka’s Lotus Tower, funded by China. Shot by one of our best photographers, Nazly

The 1400s

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Dewaraja, Lorna. “Cheng Ho’s Visits to Sri Lanka and the Galle Trilingual Inscription in the National Museum.”
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Straight-away, their dens and hideouts we ravaged,
And made captive that entire country,
Bringing back to our august capital,
Their women, children, families and retainers, leaving not one,
Cleaning out in a single sweep those noxious pests, as if winnowing chaff from grain…
These insignificant worms, deserving to die ten thousand times over, trembling in fear…
Did not even merit the punishment of Heaven.
Thus the august emperor spared their lives,
And they humbly kowtowed, making crude sounds and
Praising the sage-like virtue of the imperial Ming ruler.
(verse written by the Grand Secretary Yang Rong (1371-1440) and translated by Louise Levathes, via)
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The Colombo Port City, lifted out of the sea by China

The 2000s

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A writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He/him.

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