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Pachamama Ceremony

My Ultimate Birthday Gift

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Who is Pachamama?

Pachamama stands for Mother Earth in the Quechua language. She is the goddess of fertility and provides sustenance and longevity of life according to Peruvian mythology.

Pachamama is also the origin of the four Apus. These four Apus are Water, Earth, Sun, and Moon. They represent the masculine aspect of nature while Pachamama represents the feminine aspect.

What happens in the Pachamama Ceremony?

The Ceremony is a sacred spiritual ritual which has been practiced since ancient times by Andean families and communities, it is usually led by Shamans, and it serves as an act of gratitude to mother earth, for her blessings, healing, and abundance it helps in the restoration of nature’ balance, sustain the equilibrium of “Give and Take”, and through it, the indigenous people get her permission to continue harvesting its resources.

They organize the offerings to mother earth or the goddess within an altar, and it can include cocoa leaves, flowers, water, seeds, candies, or anything representing the four elements or the four Apus.

Participants seek earth blessings and put their intentions and wishes for the coming year. The shaman writes all intentions on the cocoa leaves and burns in the fire while reciting his own prayers, having total faith in its manifestation in the physical reality.

What did I learn from the Pachamama ceremony?

I have been seeking the real meaning of “Balance”, and more intrigued by how I can implement it in my life, this imaginary scale which can guide me through life shows me when to ‘push and continue’ and when to back off and receive, when to plant a seed and when to harvest it… etc

It is very apparent how the indigenous people, or the keepers of the Earth, have always lived in Sync with nature, balance and harmony was the only way of being they knew of.

If you spend time in nature, you realize that all living beings are in total flow with each other and with their eco-system, there is an unseen sacred dance of life between feminine and masculine, that’s why spending an hour in nature can leave you calmer and more balanced, because without you knowing, you become part of this dance.

Here is my perspective on this, the universe comprises two energies, masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang, ie: Sun and Moon, day and night, left and right, light and shadow… etc. Both energies exist within every one of us, regardless of our sex and gender.

Both energies are necessary for the balance and longevity of life here on earth, but can easily fall out of balance.

The Masculine energy or “Yang”- the state of “doing”- is usually represented by the solar plexus chakra in the yogic tradition, it is the head, the intellect, discipline, structure, protection, and when out of balance is greed, abusive power, aggressive energy, etc.

The Feminine energy or “Yin” -the state of “ Being”- is represented by the sacral chakra, it is the heart, emotions, intuition, creativity, sensuality, presence, and joy. When out of balance, it will cause loss of creativity, emotional instability, fear, sexual dysfunction… etc.

Our society is in masculine overdrive “Patriarchy”; aggressive or otherwise harmful expressions of masculine energy within ourselves and our world have become normalized. It leaves us feeling overworked, stressed, and undernourished. The masculine and feminine, the heart and head are no longer meeting each other, honoring each other, or appreciating one another’s gifts.

When the masculine is allowed its genuine expression, it holds space for the more organic parts of life while keeping us on track with our vision and goals, while the feminine brings us into embodiment, into our feeling, sensing, and ever-changing bodies. It draws us to experience the world with presence, joy, and from the heart.

Few tips to get you started with balancing the masculine and feminine within:

  • Ask yourself throughout the day, “Am I in a state of doing (trying to get somewhere) or being (accepting myself as I am)?”
  • Dance, add more intuitive, circular movements to your flow. Close your eyes and let your body lead the way.
  • Use your hands to feel your body. This nourishes our desire for touch and intimacy.
  • Breathe into the pelvic floor and womb space.
  • Get outside and connect to Mother Earth.
  • Practice gratitude, it connects you to your heart and the nurturing spirit in nature.

Finally, please share your balancing experiences on the comments and if you found this article beneficial, please spread the love and share it with your friends!



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