Hi, I am | Catarina Cota

Hello my name is Catarina Cota, I’m a fullstack developer in the Tech and Product team at Indie Campers! I’ve been at Indie Campers for nearly 3 years, and I’m part of the marketplace squad where I help build the platform for 3rd party rental.

My journey starts in Terceira Island in the Azores, a great place to live full of beautiful and natural spotlights worth visiting but due to my focus on logical and engineering knowledge I came to Lisbon to study Civil Engineering.

After I got my masters degree I became interested in learning more about software development so I decided to do the Le Wagon Bootcamp where I learned to work with Ruby on Rails, which is the stack that Indie Campers works with so it was a natural step to join Indie.

Indie Campers gave me the opportunity to grow as a developer and become fully autonomous. I’m building and maintaining the marketplace, and have also built some fundamental integrations (zendesk, autopilot).

The culture of mutual help, transparent sharing and CI/CD helped me improve on a day to day basis. My colleagues tend to describe me as a very detailed and results oriented person who is always willing to help out!

My goal is to help Indie be the future of the travel and mobility industry and to always help the team and learn and build new and interesting products.



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