Why do I watch movies ?

Do you think, making someone sit for a couple of hours is an easy job ? It takes a great deal to capture your imagination and keep the human psychology involved in it all the time. Great movies are not only great stories, they are also genius workmanship, it really takes a skillful director and a genius team to make the story come alive.

More than all this, as the movie unfolds, it captures your imagination and takes you on a journey. A journey so beautiful you never want to take your eyes off it, you literally start living all the characters in the movie. You feel every emotion the actors feel, its actually you who is living all the scenes in the movie, the characters are only vehicles for your imagination and the story your best guide.

Some movies make you sad, some make you joyful, some scary, there’s a movie for everything. I always wonder how the human race has been able to capture human emotions in such great detail !

Imagine a world without movies, it would be so dull ! Best movies are complete in themselves, there is the start, the journey, the perfect end….aah, what a life movies really have, just like butterflies, born for a couple of hours, takes the wings of your imagination and end so graciously, end so full of a lived life.

Great movies have the power to catch your heart, cut it out in pieces, put it back together with great ease, and flow reel in your body instead of blood. Just in a couple of hours you are re-born again, with a new vision, with a new imagination and with a new feeling, is any other think capable of producing such huge change in you ?

Now, imagine the people who does it, the actors who live their characters, who act with such ease, makes you really think of human greatness. Simply fabulous ! As a child I used to imagine movies and actors are all about glamour and glitz, but now I realize, its only a small part of it, none of that can happen if you are not really good at what you do, and whats your job ? You have to make characters come alive…..aah ! what a tremendous and difficult job !

You have to look the way story demands, portray what the character demands, live what the scene demands, all this with the poise and grace of a great actor and even worse, leave the character as soon as the scene ends. How can you leave the character, when you live it in every scene, every day of the shoot, every dialogue you say….you have to kill something that becomes a part of you.

It’s easy to see the movie and say, grrr…what a shitty actor, but living and portraying the character is a really tough job, not everyone can do it.

I must have seen hundreds of movies so far, every movie has something different to offer, every movie has different scenes, different dialogues, where does so much creativity come from ? And then I start imagining the vastness of our cosmos, and the unending supply of content from it….till when can this journey last, till when there would be movies that doesn’t share anything with other movies, till when can we have dialogues which don’t repeat, till when can be have stories which never fall short to thrill you…I really wonder !

Thanks to the cosmos for creating such wonderful things and making life really worth while to live…hope, this journey continues till the end of time.

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