IndieBio Announces Funding of 15 New Biotechs

IndieBio SF’s 2nd Batch of 15 Biotech companies

Biology is back!

At IndieBio (SOSV), we are delighted to have funded over 40 Biotech companies in a little over a year and we’re now announcing our 2nd batch of 15 biotech start-ups, funded ($250k/each) and built in our lab in San Francisco.

The startups we’ve funded are focused on few key areas, Consumer Biotech, Future of Food, Medicine 2.0, Neuroscience and Accelerated BioTools.

Consumer Biotech

Nerd Skincare: is focused on treating and preventing acne by targeting different types of acne causing bacteria. They’re a high end cosmetics company with real science and their products already have solid sales traction with a 200% growth since July.

Amino Labs: A countertop Biolab for everyone, Amino provides a basic molecular biology lab and bioreactor for every school and home focused on science education, home brewing and much more

Future of Food

Gelzen: Pure vegan gelatin. Today gelatin has no vegetarian alternative and vegetarians are 10% of the global candy/food market, their aim is to replace animal derived gelatin with an animal free version.

Crevi: the first commercial cultured pork company, making sausages without the pig.

9D Biotech: salt and drought resistant olive plants engineered for sustainability.

New Wave: focused on engineering sustainable seafood, starting with bioengineered shark fin, for shark fin soup #SavetheSharks

Medicine 2.0

V-Sense Medical: non-contact vital signs device developed to revolutionize medical care, reminiscent of the sick bays of the past, going boldly where no one has gone before, Thanks Dr. McCoy for the inspiration!

Vali Nanomedical: Real time cell level cancer visualization and treatment using targeted nanoparticle payload delivery technology.

INDEE: highly scalable hardware for cellular reprogramming focused on genome engineering and CRISPR/CAS9 delivery. Cellular gene therapy without the viruses.

Girihlet: Deep T-Cell sequencing company harnessing the power of the immune system to understand and fight disease.


TRUUST: software algorithms developed by CERN scientists to enable high fidelity, real time holographic electrical brain imaging for precision detection and treatment of neurological disorders.

Koniku: neurons on a chips for drug research and a paradigm shift in the eventual use of neuronal computation.

Accelerated Tools

DtoR: protein production optimization for synthetic biology.

Genesis DNA: an MIT/Stanford team focused on high fidelity DNA synthesis which will decrease synthesis costs by an order of magnitude and increase speed of synthesis from weeks to days.

MyI: Single cell quantification technology that can provide a deep understanding of the proteome of individual cells, enabling ultra-personalized medicine and therapies tailored to an n = 1.