IndieBio is Partnering with E Challenge, a student run Entrepreneurial Business Plan Contest that has funded many successful biotechs from the five major health science institutes in the San Diego Mesa Area

IndieBio Partners with the E. Challenge Pitch Contest in San Diego

The Entrepreneur Challenge in San Diego is a UCSD business plan challenge that invites teams from around the Torrey Pines Mesa area (UCSD, J Craig Venter Inst, The Salk Institute, the Scripps Institute, Sanford Burnam Pres. Medical Inst.).

But to help kick off the E Challenge, join me (Ron Shigeta, CSO of IndieBio) for a talk and panel on how to create a successful Biotech Startup.

Zero to One : The JOURNEY OF A BIOTECH STARTUP. We’ll cover some common tips on how to make a strong application to accelerators, talk to investors and what happens to scientists as they become entrepreneurs. FREE FOOD and NETWORKING.

WHEN: TUESDAY, May 3rd (5:30 PM -7:30 PM)


RSVP for the May 5th talk here: CHALLENGE.UCSD.EDU/INDIEBIO

IndieBio is also partnering with UCSD E Challenge in final judging on May 20th.

Join IndieBio in Boston in May!

The IndieBio Team — Ryan Bethencourt and I will in Boston later in May doing a panel with a set of biotechnology startup Entrepreneurs, some from IndieBio, some not.

See our Boston Biotechnology Meetup Group for details as they become available in a couple of weeks.

Oakland Veggie Week’s Tech Tuesday May 17.

Join us in Oakland for a panel at Veg Week. Event Details on Facebook.

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 17th at 7 PM — 9 PM Please arrive no later than 6:40pm.

Location: Citizen Engagement Lab (CEL) 1330 Broadway Ave #330 (3rd Floor). Near the 12th street BART station.

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