IndieBio SF — Call for Applications Spring 2016 (March 1 Start)

IndieBio is delighted to announce a call for applications for our next batch of biotech companies being accelerated in our lab in downtown San Francisco, starting this spring.

Continuing the theme, we’re calling for applications through our website for those interested in a $250k funding package per startup and we’ll be funding 15 more, more money and more science!

We fund teams (of at least two co-founders) that are creating deeply impactful products and services solving some of humanity’s most pressing problems using biology and technology.

So what types of teams and startups are we looking to fund?

Those tackling but not limited to, some of these grand challenges:

  • Consumer Biotech — Our world is built by biology, what new products or services will future consumers want/need?
  • The Post Animal BioEconomy — We want to remove all animals through biotechnology from industrial processes and goods, what novel ideas have you got to make this a reality?
  • Future of Food — How do we feed the world of the future, all 9+ billion of us without destroying the planet we live on?
  • Neuroscience — The era of the mind is upon us, how do we understand, harness and heal the mind, from computation, neurobiology to AI?
  • Medicine 2.0 — What new products, tools and services will be needed in the era of ultra-personalized medicine?
  • Regenerative Medicine and Gene Editing — From fixing mutations with CRISPR to regrowing tissues and Organs to 3D printing, how can we jump start this growing field of biology?
  • Biology as Technology — What tools do we need to enable and accelerate scientific discoveries and products?
  • Therapeutics 2.0 — What are ways that we can deliver therapies to people all over the world?
  • Microbiome — The microbiome is an intricate part of who we are as humanity, in many as yet undiscovered and exciting ways. How can we harness this untapped potential?
  • Exo-Biology — How will we harness biology to become a multi-planetary species?
  • Immunology — How can we understand, harness and reprogram the immune system to lead to new methods of treating diseases from colds to cancer?

We fund the full range of next generation biotech startups, from a solid scientific idea, through to growing startups with product sales. We also embrace diversity of thought, body and geographic location and are delighted to support and fund teams from anywhere in the world with great ideas!

Please let us know if you have any questions, the quickest way is to apply and we will follow up within a week. Also you can tweet at @indbio or at us directly @ryanbethencourt or @arvndgpta.

In addition, we’ll be having some deep dive discussions and events to discuss the next biotech revolution, come and join us on our San Francisco Biotech meetup!

IndieBio is your business partner, not just a check. We work day in and day out to help you achieve the velocity you’ll need to create massive change through your business as a science based founder. Our graduates get more funding and visibility than any other biology accelerator out there.

Join us and be part of the independent biology revolution!

We’re looking forward to co-creating the future with all of you!

Onwards and Upwards!

Arvind, Ryan, Ron and Mat