INDIGEN — Blockchain for the Indigenous Whitepaper

Technical Whitepaper v0.80
Last updated: 2 January 2018

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Author: Larrimar Tia

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About Indigen

The Indigen blockchain was designed with primary purpose of protecting the rights and property of the indigenous people who are usually the unintended victims of industrialization and globalization.

We are a group of developers, marketers, business people, artists, legal experts, and social activists from across the planet who recognize a sincere case for applying blockchain technology in preserving the indigenous culture through:

  • Applying blockchain technology to promote sustainability and growth for underfunded — and in many cases — unacknowledged communities by solving an inherent problem prominent across the planet;
  • Promoting ethics and good practice throughout the Indigen Ecosphere (economic sphere);
  • Building positive relationships between indigenous people and government.

Our Mission

Our goals are not limited to the scope of this document — the future is unbounded. But in simple and general terms, our immediate purpose is:

  • To preserve the heritage of indigenous cultures by creating an immutable storage of indigenous historical data on the blockchain;
  • To encourage indigenous groups, charitable institutions, historians, anthropologists, universities, legal professionals, and cultural preservationists to donate their historical documentation for permanent record keeping on the blockchain;
  • To create indices which are easily accessible to be studied and used as reference points for students and researchers;
  • To promote constructive relationships between local governments and indigenous communities by offering a decentralized alternative to the current system of record keeping;
  • To settle disputes over land ownership through an unbiased third party;
  • To integrate blockchain into industries that will benefit from using our technology;
  • To celebrate mankind’s diversity and to allow no culture to be forgotten.
  • To uplift the lives of many poor indigenous people who are seldom, if not never, reached by government assistance.

The Problem

Tribal people (first people, natives, indigenous) or the original inhabitants have many names; they have over 4,000 languages and comprise approximately 5% of the world’s population. These people are the usual victims of human rights issues such as lack of protection of their indigenous lands, unsolved killings because of property disputes, and many other inherent problems including lack of communications due to very remote locations, environmental destruction and natural resource extraction due to industrialized global developments, lack of education and access to modern medical information, healthcare, and so on. But one of the most evident and compelling problems of all is the slowly dying interest of the younger generation in our indigenous culture and history because of fast-paced modernization.

Value Proposition

Our proposed solution is to bring convergence to history and modern technology in a unique and innovative approach. Protection of indigenous properties, preservation of historical data, works of art, language and religion, and many more unique and integral aspects constituting the indigenous culture and traditions, are just few of our many objectives for using blockchain technology as permanent and immutable method of preservation.

Majority of the indigenous population belongs to the poor and they account to around 15% of the world’s poorest, with the highest percentage coming from Southeast Asia. The goal of Indigen coin as a cryptocurrency is not entirely as medium of payment in a decentralized platform, but also as a means to uplift the lives of the poor indigenous population. With the rise of Bitcoin and other popular altcoins, Indigen coin will ultimately function as a donation currency where portion of the mined coins and mining fees will be used to help the poor in areas like education, medicine, and environmental protection.

Indigen ONE Project

T he prime objective of the Indigen ONE Project is to become a single, unified platform for both Indigen merchants, their customers and Indigen coin users to conduct their day to day business. ​

Secondly, in order to purse the Indigen vision of preserving the indigenous culture using blockchain technology, Indigen ONE will serve as our staging platform for all our blockchain-related projects and community services, including:

  • Web Wallet
  • Desktop Wallets
  • Mobile App
  • Indigen Affiliate Program
  • Merchant Tools
  • Indigen Foundation will pursue charity projects to help indigenous groups worldwide

The Indigen Portal will provide merchants and business owners useful online tools to aid in them their business operations for free in exchange for promoting the Indigen coin and giving various privileges to the indigenous people, especially those among the poor, such as discounts, giveaways, and other provisions that will benefit them in many ways. Some of the online business tool readily available for merchants are as follow:

  • Customer Loyalty Rewards Program (credit and redeem cash or reward points to and by Indigen users)
  • Customer Management System
  • Online POS for Product Ordering System
  • Stocks and Inventory Management System
  • Employee Management, Timekeeping and Payroll
  • Job Order Management for Accounts Receivables
  • and more to come in the future…

Technical Brief

Indigen is an ecosystem with a mission not just to uplift lives and preserve cultures, but also to protect mother earth. We are one of those projects that dissent traditional PoW cryptocurrencies which consume so much energy and posing threat to the environment.

Indigen is based on masternode concept which is very sustainable and does not rely on specialized miners, therefore helps save energy. Using what we call SPEnD (Swift, Private, Energy-efficient, Decentralized) technology for low energy usage, super fast transaction confirmation; and PosS (Proof of shared Staking) protocol which gives fair opportunity for all our coin holders to earn portion of block rewards.

Indigen Core was modeled after PIVX SwiftX technology, Zerocoin and Bitcoin Green protocols.

Indigen Key Features

Indigen is an open source, anonymous, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency brought forth from the same philosophy that drives the principles of a secure, private and energy-efficient mineable cryptocurrency.

Fast and Low Fee Transactions

Indigen transactions are confirmed and made spendable in matter of seconds, using masternodes to guarantee validity of transactions — very advantageous to merchants. Unlike PoW which needs long and several confirmations before funds are validated and made available. Starting at 0.0001 IDG, our transaction fees are extremely low compared to popular cryptocurrencies today.

Private and Secure

Private, peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies have become more popular in the past few years due to privacy issues in some cryptos such as Bitcoin. Indigen offers full privacy by eliminating traces of transactions to hide the source of incoming funds. And in using masternodes to secure the network, it is far more efficient and scalable than the original PoW mining protocol.

Energy Efficient PoS

Bitcoin mining may soon consume more energy than all the countries in the world combined, making the outdated PoW SHA-256 algorithm not sustainable. Indigen eliminates this problem of massive energy consumption using PoS to validate transactions which can be operated on regular computers. And with our proposed PosS protocol, getting block rewards is even more simpler.

Indigen Coin Specifications

Here’s a quick summary of the technical details of Indigen:

  • Protocol: Proof-of-shared-Staking (PosS)
  • Ticker Symbol: IDG
  • Maximum Supply: 17,000,000 IDG
  • Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Block Rewards: 17 IDG
  • Masternode Collateral: 17,000 IDG
  • Rewards Breakdown: 80% masternodes, 20% stakers
  • Approximate transactions per second: 150 Tx/s

Project: BUILD

The United Nations (UN) declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL2019) to raise awareness and “appreciate the important contribution they make to our world’s rich cultural diversity.”

​We at Indigen believe that in order to preserve native cultures and traditions, we must first preserve their languages. That is why this 2019, to coincide with the declaration by the UN as International Year of Indigenous Languages, we have started working on a project, commencing in the Philippines, which involves research and collection of indigenous languages to help revive and preserve various native dialects.

The project is called B.U.I.L.D. which is an acronym for Blockchain Unabridged Indigenous Language Database since we are using distributed ledger technology (DLT) as the repository of data due to the immutable nature of blockchain and the ability to time stamp information and to keep track of historical records.​

Furthermore, once the data have been recorded on the blockchain, we will apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning technologies to allow real time translations between native languages or tribal dialects. This way, we hope to bridge the gap between various tribes and eliminate the thought of cultural differences and language barriers.

Native languages are slowly being forgotten by younger generations due to fast paced modernization. Once we start forgetting our native tongue, we will also start to forget our traditions, arts and history. Through BUILD, we hope to gain back the interest of the younger generation and help preserve their unique identity.

One of the key features of BUILD is the ability to reward users with IDG who contribute to our project such as adding entries into the database, upvoting entries, and so on.

Continue reading about BUILD in this article.


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