Overworked, Overwhelmed and Disengaged

This excellent Forbes article on employee learning points out an alarming fact. The constant overwhelm faced by today’s knowledge workers holds employees back from doing the vital learning they need for their growth, development and performance because they simply can’t find the time. As the author, Dan Pontrefact states, “Employees are stressed, overworked and failing to take the time to think. Busyness has become king.”

From the Indiggo perspective; In an era where employee engagement is on the mind of every leader, being on the busyness treadmill is not just a significant challenge for employees, but a major one for organizations. Without time to think and learn, employees can’t build trust or engagement with their organizations. This creates massive costs and opportunity costs stemming from low performance and high turnover.

It’s time for a new leadership paradigm; leaders need to rethink the way work is done.

At Indiggo we call it ROL — Return on Leadership ® — A new way of working that keeps people and organizations focused on the essential and takes the clutter out of our days.