Sep 14 · 1 min read


The speed and unpredictability of the fourth industrial revolution and the digital economy are a mandate for all of us to look beyond narrow, rigid metrics to ensuring that capacity is dedicated to strategic priorities.

The Sep/Oct issue of HBR,, highlights a significant problem in today’s organizations; the often-misguided focus on metrics at the expense of true strategic focus.

A powerful example given by the authors is Wells Fargo’s creation of millions of customer accounts (without customer consent) in pursuit of an ambitious cross-selling metric. This ill-advised effort was a massive execution error, where the actual strategy of building long term relationships not only tanked, but had a negative, inverse outcome to what was originally intended.

This came at an enormous cost as it does for many organizations, where an extreme focus on metrics can be a destructive substitute for true strategic focus.

This underscores the need for Return On Leadership® (ROL), an approach that emphasizes organization-wide clarity and alignment on strategic priorities. ROL then leverages this to drive individual and collective action towards accomplishing those priorities rather than simply just satisfying metrics.


The Return on Leadership Platform — Get the right $#!^ done…well!

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