The powerful impact of nudging to action

It is remarkable to see the significant impact of behavior change triggered by simple insights. This concept of driving action by putting simple data points in front of people at the right time dwarfs many other initiatives in terms of ROI.

At Indiggo, we have seen powerful validation of this approach to change. Leaders and managers in our customer organizations have derived great value from the behavioral nudges provided through our Leadership Platform. We see a reduction in the number of meetings they have, and a reduction in the average number of participants in their meetings. This is particularly relevant as leaders and managers in large organizations generally consider over 60% of meetings to be wasted time

There is a simple trigger for this positive shift in behavior. Leaders leverage the Indiggo platform to drive focus and action on their top current priorities. Indiggo is directly integrated into their daily workflow and presents a trigger that nudges them to make clear choices as they work. These simple reminders have made leaders and managers reconsider their impulse to automatically accept these waste of time meeting requests. We see that those who use the platform effectively increase their capacity by at least 20%.

Simple can be powerful. It is amazing to observe the results of having clear declared priorities combined with intelligent, contextual insights that nudge valuable action. We clearly see how small shifts in behavior can generate high value outcomes for leaders, managers and their organizations.