Stablecoins are nearly a $6 billion market, without Libra

Peter A. McKay
Oct 25, 2019 · 1 min read
Image by Jordan Rowland via Unsplash

As of last night, here are the market capitalizations for all the stablecoins I could find on CoinMarketCap. I still might be missing a few obscure ones, to be honest, but this strikes me as a pretty good sample, including all the most active tokens:

  • Tether: $4.1 billion
  • USD Coin: $481 million
  • Paxos Standard: $260 million
  • TrueUSD: $183 million
  • DAI: $87 million
  • MonaCoin: $68 million
  • Stasis Euro: $36 million
  • Gemini Dollar: $8 million

That comes out to almost $6 billion total, including Libra’s market cap of $0, because it doesn’t exist yet. Someone please tell the mainstream press.

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Peter A. McKay

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Consultant and writer focused on Web 3.0. Former award-winning reporter for WSJ, Washington Post, and Vice. Sometime founder and product manager as well.



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