YieldWallet.io Tezos Baker now accepting delegations!

Baker delegation address: tz1Q8QkSBS63ZQnH3fBTiAMPes9R666Rn6Sc

We’re pleased to announce that YieldWallet’s Tezos (XTZ) baker has just started accepting delegations having gone through a multi-week QA / testing period. Tezos is one of the important blockchains that YieldWallet is committed to supporting, with our world-class Engineering, Customer support and 24/7 DevOps team.

0% Fees till 31 March 2020

That’s right! YieldWallet’s Tezos Baking service is offering 0% fees till 31st March 2020. From the 1st Of April we will be charging a fee of 8% whereby 92% of the reward payouts goes out to people that delegate to us. We pay out every cycle.

Why Tezos?

For those not familiar with Tezos seeking a plain english, easy to understand explanation, look no further than the Tezos 101 piece that we posted last week. We’re particularly excited about Tezos for its unique experiment with on-chain governance and attempt to solve the problem of contentious hard forks that have caused problems in the past with the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities.

With it’s legal troubles seemingly behind it, we’re also looking forward to the Tezos Foundation deploying its considerable war chest to developing and upgrading the capabilities of the network. The best times are ahead of us.

Read more about Tezos’ Babylon upgrade here.

Who are we? Why delegate to YieldWallet.io?

We are geographically distributed team of highly passionate and qualified Entrepreneurs, Product managers, Marketers, Engineers, DevOps and Customer support personnel headquartered in India.

Our founding team has decades of experience building and running highly scalable and available distributed systems in the Payments, Financial products and Networking space for companies like Cisco, Paypal and Bloomberg. The team is also experienced with running reliable nodes for coins such as Horizen and DASH as well as staking to currencies like Livepeer, Decred, Tezos and Cosmos.

We understand the Engineering. We get the DevOps. We love Blockchain technology and are staunch supporters of the philosophy and the economics behind Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

We’ve been through the ups and downs of the markets, but never lost our conviction on the space. Now, we’re here to BUIDL and enable the next bull market to begin by laying the foundation and the technology that will drive this revolution forward.

YieldWallet is one of the key products that we are building under the rubric of our parent company, Indra Crypto Capital. We believe having a suite of related Cryptocurrency products gives us the ability to vertically and horizontally integrate them and support the ecosystem in more ways than one.

We pledge to bring the same level of availability, uptime and service levels that the community expects from its delegates. Additionally, YieldWallet will back the Tezos’ ecosystem by contributing a portion of our Baking rewards back to the development and growth of the network, in the form of tools development, educational resources and perhaps even grants to fund deserving projects.

Our delegation address is tz1Q8QkSBS63ZQnH3fBTiAMPes9R666Rn6Sc

We would really appreciate your support by delegating your hard earned XTZ to us and we will uphold the standard of services and commitments we’ve outlined above.

How to buy and delegate XTZ?

As always, our team at YieldWallet has been proactive in putting together resources to help people not only understand Tezos, but participate in the delegation process. We’ve put together guides on how to buy XTZ and how to delegate. Delegation instructions are available for the Galleon, Kukai and Tezbox wallets. As always, reach out to us on our Telegram channel with any questions you might have.

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Indra Crypto Capital

Official Blog for Indra Crypto Capital. Updates from various Team members.


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Official blog of Team@Indra Crypto Capital

Indra Crypto Capital

Official Blog for Indra Crypto Capital. Updates from various Team members.

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