CRM System for Renewable Energy Sources in Africa

The Client

E.ON Off Grid Solutions was founded as a start-up within E.ON: agile in 2013. Under the brand name Rafiki Power, the company E.ON Off Grid Solutions operates as a service provider for off-grid energy solutions in East Africa with offices in Düsseldorf and Arusha (Tanzania).

The Mission

Globally there are 1.3 billion people without access to reliable power spending over 4 billion US dollars for energy “services”. While frequently cited and impressive on paper, its meaning only becomes real if you stand in the middle of a rural African village. Services considered a basic right in Western Countries are non-existent.

Radically improving the life of African people through building a commercially sustainable business is the goal of the company. E.ON Off Grid Solutions uses global technology and process innovation to kick-start development and growth in underdeveloped regions.

The Project

To serve their current and future customers in Africa the company needed an efficient CRM system. This CRM portal will be used to support the management of customers as well as other background administrative activities.

The CRM will be used by both operations and project development, to ensure a smooth handover that is seamless to their customers.

The Product

INDUSTRIA created a CRM solution that was easy to use — from sales, setting tariffs to metering and ticketing. The application can work both online and offline. The product considers the specifics of the consumer and the environment — lack of internet.

The Result

It makes the customers happy because it has improved their contact with the outside world. They can now charge their cell phones, listen to the radio, or watch TV whenever they want to. Newspapers take a week to get there. But continuous power enables our customers to stay up to date about what’s happing in their region, their country, Africa, and the entire world.