High Recognition for a Web Project for UNIQA Bulgaria, Developed by INDUSTRIA

The website we created and are technically maintaining received a high score for programming and was voted by the public to receive second place in the Corporate Website category.

The Prize

We are proud to report that on October 4th, 2018, one of the projects INDUSTRIA developed technically– the website of UNIQA Bulgaria — won a prestigious award in the Site of the Year contest that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. A jury of 40 experts in programming, web design, and digital marketing, as well as the users, had a month to vote for their favourite for the title Best Site of 2018. UNIQA Bulgaria’s website received a very high score in the Programming category, and won the second place in the voted by the public Corporate Website category, chosen by none else but the most essential of jurors — the users of the site.

Home page of www.uniqa.bg

The Client

UNIQA Insurance plc. and UNIQA Life Insurance plc. are the two companies that represent the international UNIQA Insurance Group AG, one of the leading insurance providers in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe, on the Bulgarian market. UNIQA Bulgaria has held this dominant position for 25 years and has earned its reputation as a trusted and reliable company. UNIQA strives to provide clients with services that are specifically tailored to meet their particular needs, as well as to lead the reformation of the insurance sector in the digital age. This makes this act of recognition by the digital customers especially poignant.

The Project

When our team started working on this project in 2015, our goal was in sync with those core values of the UNIQA Insurance Group AD. Working closely with UNIQA’s team, we sought to provide the customers with a convenient and straightforward way to find and use those services of the company that would be relevant to their specific needs.

The project had three distinct aspects, all of which converged on their common goal to facilitate the users in their experience with the company.

  • The corporate website had to be easy to use and understand, with clear categorisation and a strong visual presence, to simplify the process of finding the relevant material, ranging from tools for claiming damages, to car insurances, to usage of the mobile app.
  • The option to buy insurance online was added to provide the customers with the opportunity of finding and getting the pertinent policy quickly, from the comfort of their own home. This process includes an interactive animated online calculator, which further aids the task.
  • The final piece in the puzzle is UNIQA’s online portal, which enables users to obtain insurance products, submit damage claims, pay policy instalments, and receive payment and renewal notifications upon insurance expiry or payment due dates.

Along with providing the customers of UNIQA with clarity and simplicity in their digital dealings with the company, we also aimed to meet our high standards for quality and the ever-evolving requirements of the insurance sector. The project was completed in agreement with the best practices in programming and the common vision of the UNIQA Insurance Group AG, and the technologies used guarantee the high efficiency and reliability of the website.

The Reward

Given the goals we embarked on this project with, receiving this feedback from the end users is incredibly valuable. We pride ourselves on delivering results, and this unambiguous confirmation that we have achieved our objectives is highly appreciated.

Nikolay Genchev, Chief Executive Officer of UNIQA Bulgaria, said:

Being appreciated by people makes this award even more special. UNIQA Bulgaria has completely renewed its corporate website to meet the needs of its customers to the fullest and I am happy that these efforts have been noticed and rewarded.

Petko Karamotchev, Director, INDUSTRIA commented:

This a fantastic recognition for a long-term successful partnership and hard work. Congratulations to the UNIQA team on this achievement!


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