UniCredit Bulbank Corporate Web Portal

The Client

UniCredit Bulbank (part of the European bank group UniCredit) is the leading Bulgarian bank with 3600 employees and 170 branches.

In 2016, UniCredit Bulbank was named “Best Bank in Bulgaria” by international magazines Global Finance and EMEA Finance, “Bank of the Year” by the Association Bank of the Year, “Best Digital Bank of consumers’ Global Finance, a bank innovation of Forbes Bulgaria, “Best Bank for trade finance” according to Euromoney.

INDUSTRIA has a long-term partnership with UniCredit Bulbank, who trusted us for the upgrade of their corporate website for the third time.

Welcome Home

In order to fulfil our client’s needs we’ve built a platform which has:

  • Ultra responsive design, that fits all screen sizes and device types, no matter the content.
  • Modular CMS structure, so the platform can be managed as lego blocks are built.
  • Different types of menus and smart navigation, so orientation happens easy and fast.

The Mission

The project’s main objective was to make the communication between UniCredit Bulbank and its end customers fast, convenient, effective and transparent. It had to demonstrate UniCredit Bulbank’s devotion to innovate and take their clients’ best interest at its heart.

We had to deliver a web portal that integrates all websites of the bank, its subsidiaries and online tools, helps the customers find what they are looking for and sends a clear and consistent brand message.

The Principles

We wanted to create a truly customer-centric portal, so we adhered to the following strict principles:

Focus on the Purpose: Providing useful and targeted information to the end users is our top priority goal. If users can’t find what they are looking for, they will be disappointed, regardless of the aesthetic attractiveness and interactivity of the website.

Create a Useful Information Architecture: Prior to the design stage, a simple and logical structure is to be developed, considering the different target groups and making it easy for the end users to find what they are looking for.

UX is not UI: Before creating designs that illustrate the final vision of the website, we develop mockups using simple colours and fonts in order to demonstrate, test and optimise the website’s basic structure and workflow.

Responsiveness and Speed are a Must: In order for the user to appreciate the website’s features and content, they need to load in a moment, and be usable across devices.

The Design Should Support and Be Pleasant at the Same Time: The design should be aesthetically appealing and aligned with the business goals and the target groups, but it should also make the reading, scanning and finding of information convenient through the careful consideration of typography, colours, and organisation of elements.

Security Has the Last Word: It is of utmost importance to guarantee the user’s security and confidentiality, especially in such a sensitive domain such as Banking & Finance. It was our obligation to envisage security testing and strict measures to ensure that both the users and the Bank’s data is well protected.

The Problem Solving

It was crucial to the success of the project to achieve a uniform vision within the Bank, to align the different business objectives with the customer needs, and to minimize the distance between the end customers and the institution.

We started with deep analysis of the business and the customer needs. User surveys were performed at the very beginning of the project in order to understand the different customer segments and their diverging attitudes, goals, and expectations.

We worked in close collaboration with a dedicated team from UniCredit Bulbank representing all different stakeholders. Together we clarified the strategic and business goals, as well as the comprehensive system and security requirements the portal had to fulfil.

Testing was the key success driver of the project. We made early prototype testing with real users to confirm our strategy and optimise where needed. Thorough functional, UX and security tests were performed prior release. After the website was launched, we did a next round of usability testing and user behaviour analysis to ensure that all our objectives are successfully accomplished.

The Results

  • Superior customer focus instead of focus on the bureaucratic bank procedures.
  • Interactive and innovative tools helping the customer find the best matching products and services.
  • Responsive design that works flawlessly on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Understandable & easy to find information, written in the customer’s language.
  • Single and recognisable corporate identity across websites and tools.

Visit the Unicredit Bulbank Website

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