Good Day and Good Night

I promise I don’t bite

A duck splashes gleefully on the surface of a river brightly reflecting of the sun.
Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Today I got out of the house and experienced some entertainment beyond the headphones.

It was glorious.

That’s all I really wanted to say. Time to sleep.

May you be fortunate to appreciate many aspects of life this day.



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Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Stories, Poetry, Questions, Humor, Lessons, Confessions!! 🙏✨ | WRITER FOR HIRE — | Be one with us. 🖤 ⇊