How Long It Took To Write ‘You Don’t Have To Read It, But Please Scroll Through’

It depends on your perspective

Photo by RetroSupply on Unsplash

Hey-hey Riley, what a wonderful comment and question; thank you dearly for asking!

In all, it depends on whether we count time spent in between writing. My records indicate there was much switching between tasks…



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Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Stories, Poetry, Questions, Humor, Lessons, Confessions!! 🙏✨ | WRITER FOR HIRE — | Be one with us. 🖤 ⇊