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I Won’t Marry You, or Shake It, Though I Will Beg on My Knees For Some of Them There AI Art Credits

Just show me the money

A Forest Fire Reflecting in the Lake’ | Created by Author in NCStudio

So hot in
So hot in here
So hot in
Wanna a little bit a —
And a little bit a —
Check a little bit a —
Just a little bit a —
Just a little bit a —
Just a little bit a —

— It’s Getting Hot In Here by Nelly

I’ll make this short.

Linked above you’ll find my general digital artworks from the last couple of months. Special archived pieces can also be found in my Ko-Fi gallery. If you want to see more, then tip away, because my creative will is on the verge of IMPLOSION!!

And experimenting is expensive.

Someday I’d love to fashion some extensive guides on making exactly the art you want using nothing but text prompts!

That’s all.

I thank you for your time.


FIN — Image by Author.

About the Author:

🔍 ㅤGustave Deresse Is a Truthful & Theatrical Métis-Canadian Writer, Editor, Wanderer, Cook, and Musical Artist Who Enjoys Exploring Themes as Spirituality, Logic, Love, Life, Philosophy, Nature, Art, Neurocognitive Psychology, Creativity, Writing, Humour, Inspiration, Music, Wellbeing — and the Weird.

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My Introduction Page —

I appreciate you, take care.

— G



Exploring the essence of your being; also for matters of lesser depth.

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