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Master Copywriter Eugene M. Schwartz On Fascination

What’s happening to me?

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I love Eugene Schwartz.

While he lived, he’d find every useful, interesting, and satisfying feature of a product or service and list it as a ‘benefit’.

And it makes perfect sense!

Note: Schwartz generated over 2 billion dollars for his clients in his lifetime.

Everyone has desires.

Just as we all love an advantage.

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You can get creative, play with angles, wordings, repackage things however you want—

It won’t always be necessary.

Some benefits just pull their own weight! You just have to do the research and figure out which those are.

For anything you might not only want to sell, but also aim to share with the world, you only need to learn everything you can about it, understand it at its core, summarize it into one big idea, and you’ll have a whole structure ready to go!

Very tree-like.

The structure, I mean.

You could take a good book — Schwartz loved selling books — and record every beneficial line in a book, name them benefits, and now you have a basis for your copy!

There could be nothing simpler in the world.

Ignore how long it took me to process it.

Many months.

Point being, take nothing for granted! I’d say ‘especially in sales,’ but I really intend it for everyone.

Especially you.

It’s not cheesy writing; you’re the one reading right now. 🙄

Who else could matter? To the story’s perspective, nobody else exists.


That’s all folk.

I’ve got a couple of family Thanksgivings sandwiched between two six-hour backseat car rides to prepare for.

With fortune, I’ll get some reading in!

Image of Breakthrough Advertisingby Eugene M. Schwartz’ by Author

Write you soon. 🪶

The links to buy the book (in the caption above + at the bottom of the source list) are non-beneficial to me. 🖤✨ Also, the emails from Brian Kurtz himself—Mmh.








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