Why Do You Matter?

Do you know?

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

Consider thoroughly this question. Why do you matter?

You can keep it to yourself, if you’d like. Otherwise, I’ll be interested in your answer.

The Original Meaning of Everythingness can be forgotten for a moment, this is about the carnal self, the version of you who perceives existence most ‘directly’.



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Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Stories, Poetry, Questions, Humor, Lessons, Confessions!! 🙏✨ | WRITER FOR HIRE — | Be one with us. 🖤 ⇊