Getting to grips with manipulating strings and integers

Keith O’Sullivan
Sep 11, 2019 · 12 min read
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Shifting Perspectives

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Approaching number_names()

The first draft of the dictionary, this would remain mostly unchanged
Valient first effort!
This is still unwieldy, but much tidier and I am starting to see my way to a better solution

Clearing away the cobwebs

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I’ve always found the nested dictionary structure more readable than multiple dictionaries
I was quite proud of my use of unpacking here. Pity I had to scrap it pretty quickly though
The check_ functions cover a range of possible variations

Building complexity

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Still relying on strings, identifying negative integers and floating-point values was straightforward
The process of formatting the word strings is now entirely moved to helper functions

Mathematically Speaking

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The main function is much more simplified now
This iteration simplified the function massively
I was happy to keep this relatively simple
Clean and readable. It was a long journey but I got there
The workhorse of the code. I see a few ways to cut down lines, but I’m not sure it's worth the tradeoffs


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learning stuff the hard way

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