A Divided Nation: What Is Going To Happen Now?

The future is only in our control…

When I was young, my family and I dreamed about coming to the States.

We saw The United States of America as- a land of freedom, filled with endless possibilities, a democracy. Now we cannot imagine what our path might be with the outcome of this disappointing election.

I’m currently a 4th year Anthropology major at University of California-Riverside. I came out to my parents back in 2012, I was 18 at that time. My mom has always told me to hide my sexual identity. Not only was she not proud to be the mom of a gay child, she was shamed. She was brought up in a society where it wasn’t normal to be homosexual. Homosexuality was never accepted in the Chinese culture, therefore she told me to “act as straight as possible” and “not tell anyone”. As the only child in my family, I have already disappointed them because I wasn’t the A+ student in high school. Now that I’m gay I have caused more shame to my family.

During this election, Trump won the presidency with 306 to Clinton’s 232 Electoral votes. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 1,569,824, our nation is well divided.

What happened after the election?

8 days following the 2016 presidential election 701 acts of hate have occurred in the nation. White supremacy, homophobic, etc vandalism have been happening all over the country. Writings like “Make America White Again” with a swastika, “Fag go to hell”, and “DIE” have lead to many people believing this election have raised more sexism, racism, homophobia and fear than just a normal presidential election. Equality is a juridical principle. To the common denominator of all human beings justice should thus be rendered. Not only that, President-elect Trump have also caused a rise in racism. An Arab American Muslim Uber drive was lashed by a car that stopped beside him during a red light in a New York neighborhood. The white male in the car yelled “Trump is president, [expletive]! So you can kiss your [expletive] visa goodbye, scumbag,” the man said. “They’ll deport you soon. Don’t worry, you [expletive] terrorist.” How are Americans (that are not white, male, or heterosexual) suppose to feel safe?

President-Elect Trump, the 45th president of the free world. -“Grab them by the Pussy”

President-Elect Trump, Feminism and White Supremacy

This is a man that has express his views for women offensively, and I can honestly say he has no respect for women. “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?” Donald trump criticized Hillary’s looks in an interview with Rolling Stone. Carla Lonzi argues that “Woman is oppressed as a woman, at all social levels; not as a class, but as a sex.” How will this change our nation if we have an elected president that comments on women’s looks as though they were objects. Not only do we have an elected president that objectifies women he also appointed Steve Bannon a white supremacist as his chief strategist in the White House. What does this mean for us?

Make America Great again?

As an Asian American who is homosexual, the land of the free has been terrorized by Trump. The freedom I once saw is no longer present. Only fear roams within me as I step outside my house. Will I be the next victim of homophobia? Or will I be targeted in school just because I’m of Chinese? Will my parents ever be unworried of me? What is my future?

Our Future…

In this patriarchy world, we must transform the view which others, as well as ourselves, have of our place in the world. In order to educate others, we have to change our own views so we stop the spread of hate. It is preposterous that we have president that spreads, racism, homophobia, and sexism. The only way I see we can win this election is to stop the spread of hate and start loving each other.

But the real question is: What is going to happen now?