The Palace of the 4 Seasons of Midões, Portugal

Sensational sunset walks in Midões

Why are sunset strolls a great way to end your day? In the field in front of my place, my neighbours´ dogs play and run together unchained all day! But when I get home after work, they come running, expecting me to walk them anyway. The truth is that they are the ones taking me instead, hoping to show me their favorite spots here in Midões.

Snoopy and Pretinha, walking buddies!

Midões is a lovely ancient village with lots of history! Located in Tábua county (Coimbra, Portugal). There is evidence of human presence since prehistory and many Roman architecture legacies. According to history books about the region it had been an independent county since 1514, having reached 6.282 inhabitants by 1853, the year it joined Tábua as a Parish. 
Currently, with 1725 inhabitants. Agriculture and cattle breeding are the main activities. Tourism activities have grown in the past years, as its Parish vast well-preserved heritage gets more and more popular.

Midões, Portugal

The Palace of the Four Seasons up in the main picture is a 19th-century building in the center of Midões, and its most famous Manor House. In the main facade, there is a coat of arms and four allegorical sculptures to the four seasons (Spring , Summer, Autumn and Winter), that gave the house its name. I am sure, everyone in town has dreamt about refurbishing it at least once. The truly marvelous palace would be perfect for a luxurious hotel, a theatre or a museum, and is on the market for €450.000. This monumental building has a volume of 4000 m³. The ceilings are approximately 3 meters high and it has 20 rooms. The garden has an area of 250 m², with secular trees, privacy, and a large pit in granite.

In front of the Palace of the Four Seasons, we find the Church of Midões. Built by Vigário José de Araújo Nogueira, inaugurated on August 15, 1822. It was built in the exact same place another Church was previously in.

Church of Midões

You will get to Vasco neighbourhood right after passing under this stunning Roman Viaduct of Vasco. And after the village of Vasco, you will find several dirt tracks to the woods!

Those 3 are my favorite sights, but there are over 20 ancient monuments worth visiting: palaces, manor houses, bridges, chapels, and pillories.

Roman Viaduct of Vasco, Midões, Portugal
Walking in the woods is a lot of fun! Apart from that, the health benefits are incredible and you can feel them on your body and mind since the first day. Nature brings out the best in me.
Woods of Midões, Portugal

The knoll of San Miguel, the Cavalos (means horses) River, the Seia River and the Mondego River are considered the most beautiful natural sights in Midões. Wildlife watching, nature trails and privileged views to Estrela Mountains, Açor Mountain, and Caramulo Mountain.

Views to Açor Mountain in Midões, Portugal
Midões provides the ideal combination of Nature, History and Adventure
Anthropomorphic Graves of Midões, Portugal

The Anthropomorphic Graves of Midões can be found on the short dirt road that links Midões with Casal da Senhora. Snoopy and Pretinha don´t miss a chance to go there.

Anthropomorphic Graves of Midões, Portugal

Trilho dos Gaios is a rail built and kept by volunteers (MK MÁKINAS) over the Cavalos River, located in the little village of Vale de Gaios, just 2 km from Casal da Senhora. Perfect for cycling, running or just walking!
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Trilho dos Gaios, Portugal

Midões on TV

SEAT Ateca in Midões and Mondego River

And now, a short video I found where you can see a bit of it…

Trilho dos Gaios, Portugal
“Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers.”
- Byron Caldwell Smith