Consistent Enterprise Ticketing Platform

Mauricio Giordano
Mar 28, 2018 · 2 min read

The enterprise events market is begging a long time for a complete and customisable ticketing platform that fits its needs. Most of the players do not provide an end-to-end solution that fits from basic end-customer purchases to multiple purchases conducted by large enterprises.

The usual platforms you find in the market all satisfies B2C businesses, but never meets the need for a white-label platform with the entire registration flow with financial statistics across several events. They are always difficult to integrate (iframe is the most common way) and simulate an 'enterprise' environment.

We rejected the idea of building our own ticketing platform for several years, but recently we noticed that our platform — perfectly designed for enterprise businesses — could bring a disruptive way of implementing a ticketing platform. Well, we already have the entire backbone that meets all of our customer needs, so if we realised that if we built a ticketing platform using our entire backbone, with our open APIs for any kind of integration, we would reach a top-level experience for our targeted customers.

To reach our goals, we had firstly to tackle the most common issues any tech company has on starting their own ticketing platform:

  • A reliable payment gateway (to build our own in the future);
  • Tax issues;
  • Global availability;
  • Tight security;

In our case, we had to tackle those problems even further: we have several payment gateways available for any kind of customer. So, if any of them already have a special offer from a specific payment gateway, they will be perfectly covered with our platform.

The best way to build a consistent software that always meets your customer needs, you must have a solid foundation, a backbone that allows your customer to build the perfect flow for their business. You need a connected environment that's able to suppress the necessity of third-party softwares for steps of your flow. As Alan Kay once said "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware", we now say "Companies that are really serious about their product should build a solid environment around it".

About InEvent: InEvent solutions have already helped companies around the world at thousands of corporate events and conventions. Click here to access our website and learn more.


InEvent Space

Logbook INEVENT-041114

Mauricio Giordano

Written by

CTO @ InEvent

InEvent Space

Logbook INEVENT-041114

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