Have Your Heart Broken.

so yeah. Its not a secret that I’m a little bit…fat.

While “Being yourself and be proud of it” is really crucial to me, losing weight has been my goal for at least all my whole fckn live. Haha. No, just kidding, maybe for the last 4 years or so, since I entered senior high school.

At that time, I’ve actually lose some weight. From 97 kilograms to 80 kilograms. How on earth could I do that? Well, beside I stop eating while I’m at school, I also try to Impress a girl.

Fast forward to 4 years later, here I am, writing this, still weight at around 80 kilograms. I was bored tonight, and for some reasons I search on how to lose weight on youtube, and I found that video.

Surprisingly, I can relate to this video…sort of.

In the video, he advise to get my heart broken. It is a really effective way, I thought. But the fact is, she broke my heart, and I was devastated. Instead of losing weight, I gain some.

I immediately give up on her. Regardless of what happen between me and her (there’s nothing, really), I kinda delete her off my heart following that ‘incident’.

This video got me thinking.

NOT that I shouldn’t give up on her (hell no), but I shouldn’t stop losing weight. Seeing someone with her should be a motivation to keep on going (or you know, to kill him). So, I should try to get someone, so I would lose weight because she motivated me, but when she close to someone, I should LOSE EVEN MORE WEIGHT because hell she’s not ending up with him.

But then again,

I’m not interested with anyone at the moment.